Walmart continues iPad price rollbacks as Apple press event is scheduled

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Apple hasn't officially announced it yet, but it's been reported that the company will hold a press event on Oct. 22, one which is expected to be iPad-centric, and with that, prices on current generation iPads are expected to start dropping.

Among the retailers already doing so is Walmart. The company had already been selling the 16GB iPad 4 (or fourth generation iPad) at the slightly discounted price of $449, but in an email to customers on Tuesday night -- after information of the impending new iPad press event hit the news wires -- the company is advertising more cuts.

The price cut isn't any greater, as it is still $50. However, the company is also discounting the iPad 4's higher storage tiers by $50. This means that the iPad 4, which comes with a Retina display, can be obtained in WiFi form at Walmart for $449 (16GB), $549 (32GB), $649 (64GB) or $749 (128GB).

Notably, Walmart does not appear to be "rolling back" the prices on iPad minis, yet. We don't believe this means that the iPad mini is not getting a refresh. Instead, we think it's simply due to the lower margins on the smaller tablet.

We've seen other iPad cuts lately, too, but in terms of the iPad, those have been relegated to the 16GB WiFi model, only. We have seen iPad mini price cuts, as well.

To be absolutely clear, Apple hasn't any press invites to an iPad-centric event yet, but typically the company does so about a week before a press event. We would therefore expect confirmation via those invitations next Monday or Tuesday.

The iPad 5 (or whatever Apple decides to call it -- probably the fifth-generation iPad). It will probably run a version Appleā€™s new 64-bit A7 chip, introduced in the iPhone 5s recently. It will most likely be an A7X, actually, to support the device's Retina display with additional graphics processing power. The device will almost certainly be thinner and lighter, and is rumored to feature a design similar to the iPad mini's.

Other possible upgrades include the TouchID fingerprint sensor recently introduced on the iPhone 5s and an improved camera.

It is unclear what iPad mini upgrades we will see. While many believe an iPad mini with a Retina display is necessary due to the number of smaller Android tablets sporting Retina displays, some recent rumors have said Apple is having supply difficulties with the smaller tablet's Retina display, meaning that it won't have one until a 2014 refresh.

The current iPad mini uses the A5 chip, so Apple could move to an A6 or A6X chip for the new model or perhaps go all the way to an A7 or A7X chip. It, too, might receive a TouchID upgrade and camera upgrades.

Those who want a new iPad -- and don't already have an iPad 4 or iPad mini -- might keep looking for discounts as the clock ticks down to the press event.