Eva Mendes: “I’ve Had Sex in All 50 States”

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Arizona, Colorado were best; Alaska the worst, says Eva Mendes.

“I’ve had sex in all 50 states,” screen star Eva Mendes told Fashion Week revelers this week at the launch party for Patricia Field’s new line of “Sex and the City”-inspired fashions.

But should we believe her? She’s clearly no angel!

Mendes scandalized the nation with a Calvin Klein perfume commercial that proved “too revealing” for U.S. broadcasters to air. The ad had to be removed from Times Square billboards. And a topless fashion shoot became so scorching hot it had to be limited to the Italian edition of Vogue.

On the other hand, Mendes announced Friday that she was launching an exclusive new home décor line with Macy’s – and that the launch will initially feature five bedding styles.

The line, which is called Vida, was created in partnership with Maytex by Mendes and her boyfriend, film producer George Augusto, and features luxurious colors and styles called Bettina, Isabella, Rosa, Kalia, and Jayde.

So the 50-state sex statement – is it just a promotional gimmick designed to sell some bedding, or is it actually, really true?

Her Cuban temper flashing, Mendes sticks to her guns that her statement is accurate – but assures us it wasn’t with 50 different guys.

“A lot of it was on a road trip I took when I was younger,” Mendes says.
Mendes claims her best sex took place in Arizona and Colorado – “maybe it was the clear air, or the quiet, or the endless sky. Whatever it was, it was really, really good.”

And her worst sex? That took place at a lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska. “I’d really like a do-over on that state,” Mendes teases, suggesting that the marketing people at Alaska Air “should sponsor a trip for me there for that purpose” – and maybe get some good publicity out of it in return?

Mendes is currently starring in the Diane English remake of George Cukor’s 1939 catfight classic “The Women,” where she joins a dream-team cast of Hollywood actresses that includes Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes, Annette Bening, Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett Smith. Mendes plays the role originated by Joan Crawford -- shop girl Crystal Allen, who spends time bed-hopping with another woman’s husband.

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