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Obama Victory Good for America's picture

With the election of Barack Obama as president the people of the United States win. Americans need a clear choice for president.

With the election of Barack Obama as president, it shows the world that the democratic process in the United States of America always craves change and a clear choice. Whether that change is right or left or conservative or liberal, the people of America do not want a candidate that panders to undecided voters it wants someone who has a clear message.

Both parties seemingly offered weak candidates. The democrats ran a first term Senator from Chicago and the republicans a moderate conservative and one of the oldest U.S. senators. But the truth is this; the Democrats offered a different choice for president.

Barack Obama was the most liberal senator in the U.S. senate, while McCain is a moderate conservative at best. When running for office, reporters will talk about getting independent voters, but when you look at this election McCain should have been the perfect candidate to grab independent voters because of his ability to work across party lines in the U.S. Senate.

Since the election of George H. Bush the American people have had very little choice between the two candidates running for President. Ronald Regan offered a clear change in 1980 when similar bad economic circumstances were happening in the U.S. President Regan offered a choice to the voters. He ran as a true conservative not someone looking for middle ground between the right and left of the political spectrum.

Barack Obama did the same thing as Reagan. He ran as a leftist. Instead of trying to grab the independent voters he just offered change. Obama ran a campaign where he was running to be the leader of the country and like his positions or views on this country or not he stood for something different. He did not pander to the center for independents. President-elect Barack ran a campaign on change, something different for the American people.

Has the Republican Party learned the lesson’s that Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama have taught? When things are going bad in the country, offer change and do not pander to undecided voters. Be a leader no matter what the message.

With the defeat of the GOP in this election, things are going to change and they will be good for the America. The Republican Party’s candidates should move more to their conservative base. In the previous two presidential elections democrats have ran candidates that were searching for middle ground. Al Gore was a left to moderate democrat along with John Kerry. Bill Clinton also ran as a moderate but had a spoiler candidate Ross Perot to grab the independent voters from the Republican Party.

If the GOP learns the lessons of the past couple elections the American people are the true winners in the democratic process. In the 2012 presidential election the people of the United States should have a clear choice for president. There will not be a candidate searching for middle ground to grab undecided voters. Citizens of the U.S. will be able to vote for a conservative or a liberal. This is what the people of the U.S. want. They want a leader with a strong voice and clear vision for the country.

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