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3 free ways to convert DVD to iTunes for iPod and iPhone

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In this article we will introduce 3 free ways to convert DVD to iTunes for iPod and iPhone.
1. Convert DVD to iTunes using Handbrake
2. Convert DVD to iTunes with VLC player
3. Convert DVD to iTunes with iSkysoft DVD Ripper

To speed up the process before conversion
Close any un-necessary activity to save more room and CPU usage for ripping DVD.
Blow away any previous tools and software you might have installed that you don't need and you think might conflict with getting a good DVD rip.

Part 1 Free to convert DVD to iTunes using Handbrake

Handbrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. You can follow the link to free download Handbrake.

Get start

Run Handbrake, select Source, load your DVD files. Handbrake will take about 1 minute to read your files.
Then open its main interface where you can determine the output destination and output format.

Advance settings (optional)
Picture settings - crop the picture.
Video settings – you can set the codec, frame rate, adjust the constant quality.
Audio & subtitle settings – You can set audio track, audio codec, sample rate, bitrate.

Assuming you have everything set, you are ready to convert. Click "start" then a processing Window pops up. You can also click "activity Window" to see the details.

The good
* Totally free.
* Nice GUI.
* Multiple platform including MAC, Windows, Linux.
* It has an activity Window that tells you the whole processing and it’s useful to us to specific the wrong.
* Easy to use.

The bad
* Limited format.
* No internal DVD decryption, which means you can only handle non-copyright protection DVDs.
* Not that stable on Windows as on Mac.

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