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Karl Rove Called To Testify Before Congress: A day of reckoning

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Rep. John Conyers has called Karl Rove to account. Rove must come before congress and testify about the firing of united states attorneys on partisan grounds. Bush protected Rove, refusing to let him testify. But a new administration has come to power and perhaps Rove will finally be called to account for his deeds.

Of course Rove may still be able to muster the political clout to avoid being prosecuted or incriminated. But let us hope that, if he is indeed guilty, Rove meets the fate he deserves.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a the many people invovled in the Bush administration who acted criminally being called to justice.

Perhaps this will not occur. Perhaps those many individuals who committed crimes in the Bush administration will never be properly prosecuted.

However, this Subpoena calling Rove to testify is good news to us all after eight years of unchecked corruption.

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