Universal Health Care in Minnesota

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MSNBC reported yesterday that Minnesota passed single payer universal health care for the state. The voted was split completely down party lines, with all democrats voting for it and all Republicans voting against it.

There is currently no genuine single payer universal coverage in the united states. Massachusetts is the closest. This means that Minnesota is going to be the first state in the country to have a genuine universal health care system. Most other developed democracies have single payer universal systems. Only the United States insists on a largely unregulated privatized system.

Under this bill, private insurance in Minnesota will no longer exist, and more money will be pumped into directly improving the quality of health care.

More importantly, however, Minnesota has recognized that health care is not a privilege but a right. It is a crime that over 47 millions of Americans are uninsured and so many more under insured and insufficiently covered. Minnesota is a pioneer it taking this country closer to justice.

I hope this bill is put into law - there is some debate about that prospect still - and that Minnesota shows the rest of the country what real health care reform looks like. I hope President Obama and his administration - as well as congress - pay serious attention to this.

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