Obama launches health reform website healthreform.gov

The White house has launched a new website today: Healthreform.gov.

The site healthreform.gov is extremely interesting, containing statistics, state by state information on health care coverage, videos from average Americans calling for health reform, public opinion polls and more.

Importantly, www.healthreform.gov spells out, in some detail, the reform Obama is calling for. The Launching of this new website coincides with a massive conference the President and the White house are holding today. The conference gathers together at one table everyone with a stake in the health care industry.

I am pleased to report that our president has not minced words. In no uncertain terms, President Obama called for "universal coverage" and increased federal regulation. Not only is health care reform a moral imperative, said the president, but is now clearly a fiscal imperative as well. Given that Health care is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States, and that the government spends more per capita on health care - for less results - than any other country, who can doubt that Obama is right about this?

I am reminded of Roosevelt's statement that "self-interest was always known to be bad morals, now we know it also to be bad economics."


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