Did Obama call it Genocide or not?

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No he did not call it Genocide. President Obama failed to call the Aremnian genocide of 1915 what it was. He did this, we all know, to avoid upsetting Turkey. That is plain and simply the case

Some argue that he used the equivalent Armenian term. Perhaps, but that will not anger Turkey. Others will argue that he was fierce telling us that his views on this matter (he has in the past called it a genocide) are unchanged. Again, that will not offend Turkey.

What Obama has done is to try to be as diplomatic as possible to all sides. He has attempted to please Armenians and those of us others who recognize this horrible genocide for what it was, while at the same time carefully avoiding offending his Turkish allies. In short Barack Obama proved today he's a calculating politician who will avoid conscience and choice to appear as likeable and good as possible.

When we take this failure to call the events of 1915 a genocide, and his refusel to prosecute those Americans who tortured, we find that Obama is simply an opportunistic politician who will comprimise on all sides.

I for one have now lost most of my hope for and faith in Barack Obama. I no longer believe any real change is coming.

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