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Obama To Tackle Health Insurance

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Nearly every news source has reported that Obama is ready to tackle health insurance and health care reform. In fact, in a press conference today the President, along with Nancy Pelosi, promised major health care reform by the end of July. Obama has said that he must pass major health care reform this year. Indeed he must. I think what he says is right and good. However, I am deeply concerned with a recent development.

Major Health Insurance providers have promised to save the country 2 trillion dollars over the next ten years, and to drop their pre-existing conditions clauses in exchange for laws that make having health insurance mandatory for all citizens.

Now, Obama's goals are to make Health insurance cheaper for most Americans, to extend coverage to all people, and to improve quality. So it sounds like the Health insurance companies are offering everythig he wants right? Wrong. Essentially the Health Insurance companies are offering to regulate health insurance THEMSELVES! They are making a move to prevent the possibility of their being regulated and monitored by strong federal regulations and a federal regulatory committee.

In particular, these Health Insurance companies - and their political allies - desire to stop Obama from creating a Public health care plan.

And here is the scary part: in recent comments and press conferences Obama and his people have not said a single word about the proposed public plan. The public plan has dropped from the discourse. My fear is that Obama will drop the idea and let the Health insurance industry continue to run everything.

Why is that bad? Take a look at our economic crisis: deregulation, lack of oversight, and rabid privatization are the cause of it all. And it is well known that the massive problems and expenses of our own health care system are the result of our privatized health insurance programs. A Public plan and a federal regulatory system are absolutely essential.

If Barack Obama drops the Public plan, if he decides to trust the Health Insurance companies to continue to run everything an to regulate themselves, then we will not have any real health care reform.

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