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California Court Upholds Prop 8

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Civil rights issues are, historically, decided by the courts and the rule of law; not the voters and the tyranny of the majority. But in a landmark decision today the california supreme court ruled to uphold Proposition 8.

The N. Y. Times reports that:

The California Supreme Court upheld a ban on same-sex
marriage today, ratifying a decision made by voters last year
that runs counter to a growing trend of states allowing the

The decision, however, preserves the 18,000 marriages
performed between the court's decision last May that same-sex
marriage was lawful and the passage by voters in November of
Proposition 8, which banned it

This is very disturbing news. Imagine if it had been left to a vote to decide if interacial marriage was permissible? Or imagine the court upholing a vote to keep segregation in public schools!

It is dangerous precedent for the court to let a slim majority of voters deny people a civil right to marriage. This is a very dangerous trend.

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