Major League Baseball Honor's Father's Day

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One of the things that truly makes Baseball great - and our national pastime - is its focus on the communitty. This focus results in many promotional events throughout major League Baseball. There are appreciations for members of the communitty, noteworthy commemorations of the past, fan appreciation days, and so forth. Today Major League Baseball honors the Dad's of the world for Father's Day. reports that:

[T]his Father's Day, baseball will honor dads by spreading the word. At every game played this Blue Sunday, players, managers, coaches, trainers, umpires and groundskeepers will don blue wristbands and ribbon uniform decals, all clubs will use a special blue dugout lineup card and at stadiums across the country valuable information will be imparted. The goal of of it all? To promote awareness of prostate cancer and show support for those fighting it and those whose families have been touched by it.

Yes you read that correctly. Part of the way of honoring dad's is to promote awareness of an all too comon disease that affects men - particularly older men; prostate cancer.

Major League Baseball does much the same thing on mother's day. Only then the color worn is pink (they even use pink bats), and the cause is breast cancer.

So my message today is: put on some blue and head out to the old Ball game! Just make sure to take your Dad!

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