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Sarah Palin resigns as Govenor

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When Sarah Palin appeared at the GOP convention last year she was hailed as the future of the party. Then of course, we heard her give her infamous interviews. We were not impressed. Now it seems matters are even worse for Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is not only announcing that she will not run for reelection, but that she is resigning as governor!

The N. Y. Times is reporting that Governor Palin is stepping down as governor of Alaksa. The reason for this, the N. Y. Times speculations is that she will seriously run for office in 2012:

There had been wide speculation that she would seek to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in 2012. Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, who is also considered to be a leading Republican candidate for president in 2012, announced last month that he would not seek re-election.

By leaving office early, Ms. Palin, a 45-year-old mother of five, will be able to travel around the country more freely and not be constrained by the duties and responsibilities of being a governor.

I hope this is not true as I would not like to see Governor Palin run for political office, especially not president. Her manifest ignorance, her corruptio, and her extremist views are best left far away from political office.

The Huffington Post is also reporing on Gov. Palin's stepping down from office:

She had a brief statement. She took no questions.

Her commissioners and Lt. Governor were with her at her home. Palin did not relinquish the reins of the state to the Lt. Governor while running for vice president.

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will step in as governor at the end of the month. He was defeated by Congressman Don Young in the Republican primary last year.

Sarah Palin's brief statement was something to the effect that we can better effect change in the world outside of government. Let us hope she means that, and that she does indeed stay out of government! Well, she's at it, let's hope she says out of the media at well. Sarah Palin's statement is present in the attached video

We wish you well Governor Sarah Palin, now please go live a happy life and leave us alone forever!

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