President signals willingness to drop Public Option

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In a series of moves on sunday both Obama and some of his people strongly signaled that the White House is willing to drop the public option if the senate does not lean toward it. This is very sad. Such a compromise will eliminate any real Health care reform all togther.

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President Barack Obama and his top aides are signaling that they’re prepared to drop a government insurance option from a final health-reform deal if that’s what’s needed to strike a compromise on Obama’s top legislative priority.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Sunday that the public option was “not the essential element” of the overhaul. A day earlier, Obama downplayed the public option during a Colorado town hall meeting, saying it was “just one sliver” of the debate.

He even chided Democratic supporters and Republican critics for becoming “so fixated on this that they forget everything else” — a dig at some liberals in his own party who have made the public option the main rallying cry of the health reform debate.

This is a pathetic concession on President Obama's part to pass something - anything - and call it reform. But there can be no reform without the public option.

Private Insurance makes money by continually raising premiums while denying care whenever they can. This is simple economics. If private companies gave everyone all the care they need and charged everyone a fair price their profits would diminisht. By forcing private insurance to compete with a government funded non-profit health care plan, we would be forcing private insurance to lower premiums and actually pay for coverage or perish. This would greatly reduce costs and expand coverage, the goal of health care reform.

Now, without a public option what is left to reform? How can we make private companies cut costs and provide full coverage? We can't. We need a robust public option or we have no reform. The President is betraying the American people if he signs a health care bill that does not include a strong public option.

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