Pro-West blocs gain advantage in Ukraine elections

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The final votes in Ukraine's parliamentary elections were counted on Friday, with pro-West blocs gathering enough votes to form a coalition government. Following elections on September 30, five blocs made it into the Supreme Rada, with the pro-Russian Party of Regions headed by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych leading with 34.32%.

Its arch-rival, the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc, gained 30.71%, followed by the other Western-leaning bloc, the pro-presidential Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense bloc, with 14.15%.

Voter turnout was 62.38%.

Since none of the parties can claim a majority 226 seats in the new 450-member parliament, consultations are currently underway to form a coalition.

The Tymoshenko bloc and the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense bloc have confirmed their intentions to form up a coalition, Yulia Tymoshenko's press service said.

"The parties have confirmed the agreement signed earlier to establish a coalition of democratic forces in parliament," the two blocs said in a statement following negotiations.

Yanukovych's party said on Tuesday it was already in talks on forming a coalition, but gave no more details.

The president dismissed the Supreme Rada in April and called snap elections, accusing Yanukovych of "usurping power." The longtime political foes agreed on the September 30 vote following months of litigation and street rallies. - RIA Novosti

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