Hubert The LEGO Lion At Children's Museum

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Hubert the Harris Lion will roar during the month of October at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Hubert has been the corporate mascot of Harris for almost 50 years. During the month of October, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis will feature a six-foot Hubert, made out of LEGOs.

Hubert the Harris Lion was created in 1958 to bring a friendly and approachable face to the banking industry. Almost 50 years later, Hubert still plays a supporting role lending an element of trust, comfort and credibility to the bank's offerings and expertise. To a number of generations he is considered a Chicago icon and advocate for customers. Serving as a reminder that Harris is a group of trustworthy professionals always there to help customers along their financial journey.

The Hubert mascot was developed by Chicago advertising legend, Leo Burnett. Burnett created the Chicago-icon at the same time he was developing Tony the Tiger for the Kellogg'sĀ® Frosted FlakesĀ® brand.

Earlier this year, Harris entered the Central Indiana market through the acquisition of First National Bank & Trust. To celebrate the bank's arrival and to introduce its Hubert mascot, visitors to the Hubert LEGO display will have a chance to win one of three $500 savings bonds. Visitors to the Museum on the first three Saturdays in October will be able to enter a drawing for the savings bonds.

The LEGO display was built using the latest 3-dimensional design, virtual prototype computer software programs. The LEGO Hubert was designed in Autodesk 3D MAX and assembled out of various geometrical elements, which were bent, twisted, tapered and turned until the design featured Hubert the Lion.

The LEGO Company rarely builds a model for a client, however Hubert looked extremely fun and they were excited about getting involved in assisting Harris in its desire to create an image expressing a friendly face to community banking. --

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