NISSAN Cup Oppama Championship 2007

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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will host the 8th National Wheelchair Marathon "NISSAN Cup Oppama Championship 2007" in cooperation with local community organizations for three days from November 30 to December 2, 2007. The marathon takes place in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. First held in 2000, the national wheelchair marathon is aimed at promoting sports amongst the disabled while contributing towards local communities.

This year marks the marathon's eighth year. A key factor for the success of the marathon has been the close cooperation between the corporate sector and local community. Each year, about 700 Nissan employees join local volunteers as route-marshals or to staff the water-stations along the route.

About 200 wheelchair-bound athletes, including some of the best athletes from Japan are expected to participate in the marathon. The route will incorporate Nissan's newly redesigned Grandrive proving ground next to its Oppama plant and the adjacent public roads.

A collection fund ("Taiyo Fund") will be set up for Nissan employees, where donations will go to various athletic organizations for the disabled.

Outline of the 8th National Wheelchair Marathon
"NISSAN Cup Oppama Championship 2007"
Organizational Structure 1) Event name NISSAN Cup Oppama Championship 2007
2) Hosts NISSAN Cup Event Organizing Committee:
Oppama Tourism Association/ Association of Oppama Neighborhood Councils/ Oppama Council of Social Welfare/ Oppama Shoseikai/ Oppama Ginza-doori Shotenkai/ Nissan Oppama Plant
3) Co-host Kanto Athletic Association for the Disabled
4) Organizers Yokosuka City Athletics Association
5) Sponsors Kanagawa Prefecture/ Yokosuka City/ Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Japan Association of Athletics Federations for the Disabled/ Yokosuka City Board of Education/ Yokosuka Hojinkai/ Kanagawa R.T&F
6) Special support Taura Police Department, Kanagawa Prefecture

Event Schedule 7) Event Dates: November 30 (Friday) - December 2 (Sunday), 2007
8) Venues: Day 1 - November 30 (Friday): The athletics field of Iriyamazu Park in Yokosuka City
Day 2 - December 1 (Saturday): The Grandrive test course next to Nissan Oppama Plant
Day 3 - December 2 (Sunday): Starts and ends at the Oppama shopping district in Yokosuka City, covering public roads in Natsushima Kaizuka Street and the Grandrive proving ground next to the Nissan Oppama Plant

9) Event Schedule Day 1 - November 30 (Friday)
"Community Get Together" (for primary schools in Yokosuka City)
* No athletic event will be held on this day.
Day 2 - December 1 (Saturday)
Middle-distance races (2.5km, 5km, 10km)
Day 3 - December 2 (Sunday)
A half-marathon (21.095km) and "challenge race" (7.0325km) using public roads

10) Official Website
11) Inquiries: Contact person: Shioda, NISSAN Cup Event Organizing Committee
General Affairs Division, Oppama Plant, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
TEL: 046-867-5000

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