Precedent. You can download from the P2P copyright stuff, it's legal if don't purchase

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Tonight in Spain, the boss of the internet brigade of the police says in the Webmasters Congress, its legal to give downloads with copyright with a specific condition, don't purchase.

It's finally official, download a song, video or something like this with copyright it's legal, but only if you don't purchase and is for personal use, this says the boss of the internet brigade, Jorge Martin, tonight in the Webmasters Congress. Months ago, the spanish RIA, claims every day if you download songs, you are a pirate and judge inocent people for offenses they don't commit. In the pic, Eduardo Bautista, President of the SGAE*. Taked by Petezin in Flickr

It was so hard to see how lots of websites were closed for the pleasure of the SGAE, the rights agency in Spain and how our privacy, was broked. The limit, was exceded when that agency entered in the PRIVATE partys, disco's, pubs and record what music was in that moment for a week, send you an official comunication saying how much you would need to pay for this music. for them, it's not important if they invaded your privacy, the only thing they need is money to finance their imperium. Recenlty, days ago was involucrated in a corruption trame.

Also is known for every the spanish bloggers and surfers, the recently judgement from a denunce of the SGAE, to the webmaster of the "Frikipedia" (a paradoy of the Wikipedia) In that wiki, the users can edit the entrys with the unnique requisite of be funny. The entry of the SGAE, contains an "insult" to one of the presidents and compares him with the mafie. Well, that boy now pays 900€ from en entry, he didn't post. Anyway, for the SGAE, that's a great problem, because now, they can't receive money and cannot get involved in the problems of the users of the P2P networks, who only use about at 95% for share files.

*Taked by Petezin in Flickr

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