Stowaway Mouse Costs Saudi Airlines $500,000

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A mouse spread panic among passengers on a Saudi Airlines flight from Cairo to Jeddah, costing the company some $500,000, the Egyptian MENA news agency reported on Friday.

The Boeing 747 was already on the runway preparing for takeoff when passengers noticed the furry stowaway. The resulting panic led to the plane being recalled and all 368 passengers evacuated.

The plane, which had been due to make a total of three flights that day, was then stuck in Cairo for 24 hours as a result of the rodent's appearance.

A replacement plane was flown in from Saudi Arabia, and the passengers finally arrived in Jeddah some eight hours late. 28 passengers refused to fly at all after the discovery of the mouse.

The mouse was eventually captured by workers from Egyptian Airlines.

This is not the first incident involving mice and Saudi Airlines - last year around 80 mice escaped from a passenger's bag during one of the company's internal flights. The plane was at 8,500 meters (28,000 feet), when the mice began running around the cabin, some of them falling on passengers' heads. The plane subsequently landed safely. - RIA Novosti

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