FBI Reports Increased Hate Crimes

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Over 7,700 hate crimes were committed in the US last year, according to an FBI report, including violent attacks based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.

The FBI report shows a 7 percent increase in hate crimes across the country as a whole, more than half these racially motivated with two thirds of victims recorded as black and one in five as white.

19 percent of the attacks were based on religion, with 65.4 percent of these victims Jewish and 11.9 percent Muslim.

The study also recoded 1,472 reports of attacks based on sexual orientation, with the majority of victims being male homosexuals.

Northern states reported significantly higher numbers of hate crimes than states in the South, reported the BBC. Alabama reported only one hate crime and Mississippi none, compared with California’s 1,297 and New Jersey’s 759.

The paper cites some states “dismissive” attitudes toward hate crimes and the different ways states define such a crime, as possible reasons for the noteworthy gap.

Black activist groups have also criticized the findings as flawed, saying there are many hate crimes that go unreported.


Submitted by wnz (not verified) on
*** WARNING*** The stastics are misleading when it comes to race. Hispanics are seperated on the victim reports, but are not seperated in offender reports, they are almost always included as white. The reports do not give the detail people seek, especially on the violent crimes. The other violent crimes are even more difficult to try to find details on. ----------------------------- 3 murders were committed. I found the one in the Los Angeles in the LA County 2006 Hate Crime Report (2 were committed in LA county, 1 in LA) The 1 in LA appears to have been a gang related hispanic vs black anti-black murder ------------------------------ 1 murder was in Florida ------------------------------ 1 murder was in Newark

Submitted by Blair (not verified) on
The FBI hate crime report for 2006 shows that hate crimes against whites increased nearly 7 percent while hate crimes against blacks increased 0.04 percent. Civil rights leaders have criticized the FBI hate crime report for grossly underestimating the number of hate crimes. The much more comprehensive Justice Department study, also released this month, lists an average of 190,000 hate crimes per year compared to just 7,722 hate crimes in the FBI report. However, the Justice Department statistics show that whites and Hispanics are more likely to be victims of hate crimes than blacks: "Per capita rates of hate crime victimization varied little by race or ethnicity: about 0.9 per 1,000 whites, 0.7 percent blacks, and 0.9 percent Hispanics." The Justice Department numbers reveal that whites (which includes Hispanics) make up only 43 percent of hate crime offenders, even though they make up nearly 80 percent of the population. It identifies 38.8 percent of hate crime offenders as black, even though blacks make up only about 12 to 13 percent of the population. By contrast, the FBI numbers identified 58.6 percent of hate crimes offenders as white and 20.6 percent of hate crime offenders as black. According the study, 'About 4 in 10 white hate crime victims indicated that the offenders were white, and the same proportion reported the offenders to have been black. The small number of black hate crime victims precludes analysis of the race of persons who victimized them." Hate crimes make up less than one percent of crimes. Of the 7,330 hate crime offenders listed in the FBI report, 3,957 committed racially motivated hate crimes. This means that 0.0013 percent of Americans committed racially motivated hate crimes. If racially motivated hate crimes were reliable indicators of racial prejudice in society, we could conclude that more than 99.9 percent of Americans are free of racial bias. Interracial violence not reported as hate crimes is a much more serious problem than racially motivated hate crimes. According to the FBI report, for example, there were three racially motivated murders during 2006. However, 573 of the 3,709 whites murdered in 2006 were murdered by blacks, while 208 of the 3,304 blacks murdered during the same year were murdered by whites.

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