Iran's electricity network connects to Europe via Armenia

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Iran's electricity network company manager, Masoud Hojjat informed that connection with Europe's electricity network was possible via Russia and Turkey. "Actually this could be done via Azerbaijan Republic and Georgia through Armenia as the mediator side," he stated.

Also Iran's electricity development organization director, Mohammad Behzad acknowledged that Iran maintained current energy exchange ties with neighboring countries but was considering initiation of these ties with Europe as well.

He also informed that two project lines were ready to initiate the plan.

"One of them is through the Sarakhs border which will be ready by the end of this year (Iranian year, March.21) and Turkmenistan must also make the necessary provisions ready in its own land so that we can transfer energy in better conditions," stated Behzad.

"The other line is through Ardebil province via Azerbaijan," he added.

He also informed that Iran was to install a series of new lines to Russia.

"The new lines are being constructed through Khouy, Ahar and Jolfa and the project completion date is estimated within three years. By then we will have electricity ties," he concluded.


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