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Reese Witherspoon outruns Jolie in list of highest-paid actresses

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Reese Witherspoon tops the list of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses. Even though her latest film, "Rendition," was a flop.

The 31-year-old Academy Award winner commands $15 million (€10.16 million) to $20 million (€13.55 million) a movie, placing her at the top of The Hollywood Reporter's annual list of the highest-paid actresses.

Angelina Jolie came in second with similar salary demands, though the animated "Beowulf" earned the 32-year-old actress far less - just $8 million (€5.42 million).

Cameron Diaz was third, with a $15 million (€10.16 million) -per-movie price tag. Nicole Kidman dropped to fourth place, two spots lower than last year, with an asking price of $10 million (€6.77 million) to $15 million (€10.16 million) a film.

Renee Zellweger and Sandra Bullock also get $10 million (€6.77 million) to $15 million (€10.16 million) paychecks. So does Julia Roberts, who hasn't appeared on the big screen since 2004. Her next film, "Charlie Wilson's War," is due in theaters in December.

Rounding out the top 10 are Drew Barrymore and Jodie Foster, who ask $10 million (€6.77 million) to $12 million (€8.13 million) per project, and Halle Berry, who gets $10 million (€6.77 million) a picture.

The salary list appears in The Hollywood Reporter's "Women in Entertainment: Power 100" issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

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