Leave Jennifer Love Hewitt Alone

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One of the headlines of AOL this morning was that Jennifer Love Hewitt was fighting back against bloggers who attacked her because of recent bikini pictures of her that they felt made her look overweight.

The story is linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt's blog, which seems to be down from so much traffic. What is going on with the world today?

In what way is Jennifer Love Hewitt overweight? Doesn't anyone watch GHOST WHISPERER? She is still one of the most beautiful women on TV.

Maybe compared to the Olsen twins or any of the anorexic stars that the tabloids like to build up, but come on now.

I think that maybe some bloggers are just jealous about Love's recent engagement. She announces her engagement last week, and then the attacks begin. - By The Moviezz Blog

Here is what AOL blog wrote about Jinnifer's defence:

"When the snarky comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt's recent bikini photos began popping up on the Internet, the actress figured it was time to defend her figure.

"Hewitt took to her blog to fight back against all of the weight jabs that followed after photographs of her and her new fiance on a Hawaiian vacation emerged."

The story even caught the attention of The Associated Press, who wrote a story about Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pictures. AP wrtier says that An angry Jennifer Love Hewitt is defending her curves after photos of her in a bikini were ridiculed on the Internet. The photos are already in some websites with comments ranging from complimentary to less complimentary.


Submitted by AnnP on
If she doesn't care what people think about her weight, why did she put out a press release and then send it to the media??

I met Jennifer and Ross last year at the golden globe awards. I won a contest for E entertainment and I got a chance to mingle with the stars. Jennifer is the most beautiful and kindest women you ever want to meet. Ross was great too. They made me feel good about myself. I weight 20 times more than Jennifer and it was her and Ross telling me that I looked good. From close to close I can tell you that she is this tiny little thing with a big heart. If you have not met her then you have no right to judge her. You know photos are all doctored to go in the magazines favor. They are the bad guys not Jennifer. If you have something else bad to say about her, lets meet and discuss it over me kicking your ass for speaking bad of JLH. Contact me

Submitted by omg...stalker ^ (not verified) on
like I'm sure JLH even remembers her geekly stalker fans, however nice she may be.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
<<If she doesn't care what people think about her weight, why did she put out a press release and then send it to the media??>> It's too bad that you as well as millions of people out there have bought into the media's perception of the perfect woman's body. It's apparent that this shot was a paparazzi shot. It's not air-brushed, photoshopped or touched up as most images are before published. She's shown au naturelle and the world is aghast!?! Why?? Because we, the public, have been led astray by the media. No one has a perfect body. No two people are alike. No one has the perfect lighting every single time a photo is taken. Check out the renaissance era and appreciate what our most famous artists painted and immortalized. These women had meat on their bones. You won't find a skeleton-like woman there. These robust women were considered the most beautiful women ever! Being healthy is important - but scoffing at a woman's natural curves is sick! Don't let the media's influence you and pull the wool over your head. God gave you a mind of your own - use it! Jennifer Love Hewitt stood up for women PERIOD. If you have a problem with her standing up for what she believes I feel sorry for you. You're simply brainwashed! I feel sorry for you.

Submitted by Camryn Fan (not verified) on
lol! jennifer love hewitt with no makeup - http://www.jordanisyourhomeboy.com/photos/jennifer-love-hewitt-01.jpg she's clearly self-obsessed but COMPLETELY artificial; (fake hair + fake "curves" + fake eyelashes + 10 pounds of makeup = wannabe barbie doll) and I find it hilarious that the REAL woman, Camryn Manheim - http://image.wetpaint.com/image/1/T4iW79GWAh4_QrudgHc7bA240845/GW509H381 (who plays the trollish jennifer hewitts assistant on the show, but SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE LEAD CHARACTER!) is forced to 'hide her assets' in each episode in order to make little miss wannabe appear more attractive/more 'well endowed' than she actually is. - http://image.wetpaint.com/image/1/KiUliVlXTk0alsGSE2xLwA139441/GW500H334

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Either you hate yourself or you're just plain ol jealous! lol. Just because you are shape like a card board box doesn't mean that Jennofer's curves are fake. So what if she wears make-up, extentions, or false lashes. It's her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. The media will rip you apart any way possible that's why It's important to have tough skin, but people react differently. She's human just like you and I. There's nothing wrong with having extra meat on your body.

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