Veeco Introduces Next-Generation Dektak Surface Profiler

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Veeco Instruments Inc., a leading supplier of instrumentation to the nanoscience community, today announced the launch of the new Dektak(R) 150 Surface Profiler for high-performance research and industrial metrology applications.

The Dektak 150 delivers the highest repeatability and lowest noise over the largest scanning range available for a stylus profiler, enabling Veeco's customers to benefit from greater scan range and ease-of-use. After successful in-depth beta testing at the University of Arizona, the Dektak 150 is being released for customer purchase on November 28 at the Materials Research Society's Fall 2006 Conference, in Boston, Massachusetts.

"The Dektak 150 provides the performance and application flexibility we require for our cutting-edge research in the fields of optics and nanotechnology," says Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian, Chair of Photonics and Lasers at the Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona. "The surface profiler's robust design and ease-of-use enables multiple users from our various research departments to quickly obtain the data they require on a wide range of applications."

John Wissinger, Vice President of Veeco's Optical/Industrial business commented, "We have capitalized on over three decades of Dektak product success to develop a 150-millimeter instrument that provides capabilities far beyond competing stylus profilers. Our beta customers were delighted with the products' simple, one-button scanning, full automation and three-dimensional mapping. We expect that the Dektak 150's combination of power and affordability advances will take the Dektak line into new applications in automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, textiles, and other industrial markets."

The unique modular design of the Dektak 150 enables it to be configured to meet even the most stringent application requirements. The compact system accommodates samples up to 100 millimeters thick, performs long scans of 55 millimeters, and provides a larger X-Y translation than competing systems. The half-millimeter vertical range is the best standard Z performance in the industry, and a 1-millimeter option extends the vertical capabilities even further. With sub-nanometer step-height repeatability, the Dektak 150 accurately measures step-heights for thin films below 10 nanometers thick, up to nearly one-millimeter thick-films.

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