The List of Players Named in Mitchell Report

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George Mitchell Report Names Baseball Players Who Used Steroids, Growth Hormones. Below is the list of players named in Mitchell Report.

Major League Baseball has taken a black eye by being drawn out in the public eye for allowing steroid, human growth hormones (HGH), and other performance enhancing substances to take control of the sport and influence youth sports. The Mitchell Report brings out the worst of the MLB.

Former players, strength coaches, clubhouse employees, and subpoenaed individuals were used to compile the report for former Senate Majority Leader turned Chairman for global law firm DLA Piper, George Mitchell. The investigation and following Mitchell Report were issued by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to help combat the violations of his sport in 2006.

The report has taken investigations from the last 9 years using drug tests, testimonies, and other documents gathered by Mitchell and crew against the wishes of the MLB. During that time many new policies have been implemented to help look out for abuse. What that means is unless the player broke the rules at the time the rules were in place, and most were not, than nothing can be done other than learning from their mistakes.

All 30 Major League Baseball clubs had players listed in the report as being "involved in taking illegal substances."

Major League Baseball and the Players Association share the blame for tolerating a widespread culture of drug abuse, George Mitchell's report on doping in baseball says, according to two lawyers who said they are familiar with the report.

Both lawyers told ESPN that the report assigns blame for the rise of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball "from top to bottom," and recommends that MLB and the union agree to outsource their drug testing program to an independent agency. (source ESPN)

Of course, Mitchell's report has little legal merit even though using steroids and other substances are violations of Federal Law. Rather, the report is a recommendation of new rules and guidelines to curb the use of performance enhancing substances. We don't know if much will be done legally and we do know that little will be done without the Players Association union allowing changes to their rules, which is probably unlikely.

It looks like the punishment by Commissioner Bud Selig will result in players losing time and money.

The Baseball Players Association will come out as the biggest culprit as delaying all investigations and not reacting to the situation in an attempt to protect their players.

"While the report recognizes that Selig met fierce resistance from the union when he tried to implement tougher testing during recent years, the report says that all of baseball should have seen the warning signs that were evident years ago.

Baseball and its players reached an agreement in September 2002 to test for steroids. In 2005, a new, stricter policy was implemented. Baseball and the players agreed to ban HGH in 2005, although there is no reliable test to detect the drug.

Sources said yesterday that MLBPA officials were angered that Mitchell chose not to share the report with them, but that Mitchell felt he had no obligation to the union after they fought his efforts to interview players and obtain some medical records." Source ESPN

The Mitchell report is important to Major League Baseball because it will help set the standard of abuse and call out people who violated these rules. It also sets the groundwork to implement punishment later on down the road by those accused.

Most people want to know the players names involved in the Mitchell Report (see the Mitchel report players list below). George Mitchell believes that the names needed to be given out to help set the importance of the use of steroids in baseball.

Major League Baseball players' list in the George Mitchell report, both past and present, include:

Barry Bonds
Gary Sheffield
Jason Giambi
Jeremy Giambi
Jose Canseco
Roger Clemens
Miguel Tejada
Andy Pettitte
Eric Gagne
Paul Lo Duca
Marvin Benard
Bobby Estalella
Benito Santiago
Randy Velarde
Larry Bigbie
David Segui
Lenny Dykstra
Brian Roberts
Jack Cust
Tim Laker
Josias Manzanillo
Todd Hundley
Mark Carreon
Hal Morris
Matt Franco
Rondell White
Chuck Knoblauch
Jason Grimsley
Gregg Zaun
David Justice
F.P. Santangelo
Glenallen Hill
Mo Vaughn
Denny Neagle
Ron Villone
Ryan Franklin
Chris Donnels
Todd Williams
Phil Hiatt
Todd Pratt
Kevin Young
Mike Lansing
Cody McKay
Kent Mercker
Adam Piatt
Jason Christiansen
Mike Stanton
Stephen Randolph
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
Adam Riggs
Bart Miadich
Fernando Vina
Kevin Brown
Mike Bell
Matt Herges
Gary Bennett, Jr.
Jim Parque
Brendan Donnelly
Chad Allen
Jeff Williams
Howie Clark

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