US: Hillary Clinton Now Leads In Iowa After Last Debate

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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton now leads in Iowa, and Senator John Edwards overtakes Senator Barack Obama after the last debate among the Democratic presidential candidates, last Thursday, in Johnston, Iowa.

The latest Iowa State University poll released Friday, shows:

Hillary - 31%
Edwards - 24%
Obama - 20%

Another poll released today also shows Clinton leading Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. [AP/Pew Research]

Nationally, Rudy Giuliani’s lead has slipped from twelve points to only three points higher than Mike Huckabee, while Hillary Clinton still leads Democrats with 37 percent to Obama’s 24. [Rasmussen]

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel did not participate in the last Iowa debate. Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Barack Obama of Illinois, Chris Dodd of Connecticut, Joe Biden of Delaware and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards seemed to have allowed the spirit of camaraderie to prevail as they did not attack themselves, but took on the policies of President George W. Bush and the GOP.


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The problem is that the dates of this poll were between November 6 and 18th, almost a month ago. So, all it means is that Hillary may have been leading in November, but we already knew that. Obama is leading now. The polls all suggest it. There's a reason this poll was released on a Friday - it's not news!

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