The first cat wedding in the world occurs in China

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Delighted crowds enjoy what is believed to have been the very first official cat wedding in the world.

With the ever growing economic surges currently occurring in China, one of the fringe benefits has been the increased popularity of pet ownership. But having a wedding for felines? Maybe a joke for some, but not so here in Beijing, where one set of furry felines went the distance and took the plunge in front of a throng of delighted wedding guests. Complete with all the trimmings one would expect, the wedding went off without a hitch, with cameras flashing and parents proudly waving.

Why the hoopla?

Well for one, the groom in particular is a new feline star being promoted in China as the first official Chinese cat breed.

Aptly named Li Hua or Dragon flower due to its brilliant coat pattern, and formidable personality traits, this particular Li Hua goes by the name of 'Needy'. With the look of a lion king and the grace of a catwalk model, 'Needy' has been making the rounds in Beijing to help raise pet awareness and responsibility.

With newspapers and television covering 'Needys' every move he's developed a persona that an eager Chinese audience finds appealing and wild clearly describing the untold economic upturns in China’s booming middle class.

As a result he's become quite used to the celebrity status and the overt attention unlike other cats that might be challenged meeting strangers. Not so with 'Needy' says his agent/parent Da Han, "Yes, Needy actually loves the attention, and comfortably stays put on my shoulder when we meet admirers at shows and parks." Clearly 'Needy' is one fat cat in the eyes of his many new found admirers.

Just in time for the Olympic flurry set to begin next summer, 'Needy' is making quite a splash after taking the plunge, and was more than willing to say ‘Nihao’ to the wedding guests at the reception....or did he say meow?

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