Brooke Burke Launches Baboosh Baby Online Store

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Actress Brooke Burke is pregnant with her fourth child and has launched a new online baby store, Baboosh Baby, that features eco-friendly post-partum wraps.

The 36-year-old Brooke Burke says after three children, she’s an expert how to get her figure back and suggests a Taut Belly Wrap. “You pull it super tight and Velcro it. It feels good for all of that baby skin. I swear by it,” she says.

As a Hollywood mom, I have met tons of interesting people and had access to the best stylist and designers, as well as the trendiest products. But still, I was unable to find some of the keys things I need before, during and after my three pregnancies,” a message on her site reads. “I wanted to give my body its best shot at staying healthy and regaining its shape naturally and quickly. It inspired me to create baboosh.”

Her online store Baboosh Baby also offers diaper bag, wraps, and tees.


Submitted by Gabriela Mendez (not verified) on
I just was Brooke on Tyra talking about her online shop and about her wrap I can't find it I would love to buy it. HELP

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why advertise an online store if it cannot be found? looking the the body wrap by Brooke

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