ENPIntroduces New Approach to Data Center Energy Optimization

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Emerson Network Power today introduced Energy Logic, a step-by-step roadmap that provides data center and IT managers with a prioritized approach to reducing energy consumption.

Based on research and modeling, Energy Logic helps IT and facility managers make decisions about optimizing energy use and minimizing critical resource constraints - power, cooling and space - without compromising availability or flexibility. Energy Logic centers on "the cascade effect" by which one Watt saved at the processor level can save an average total of 2.84 Watts in energy consumption.

Most importantly in today's business climate, Energy Logic quantifies savings and provides an estimated time to return on investment of each recommended action.

Following the Energy Logic sequence can potentially save more than half of a data center's load. For example, in an Emerson Network Power-modeled scenario of a 5,000-square-foot data center, applying the recommended strategies produced a savings of 585 kW from the data center's initial 1,127 kW load. It also freed up two-thirds of the space, one-third of UPS capacity and 40 percent of cooling capacity, enabling easy expansion of compute capacity in the same data center.

"When we released our report earlier this year, we stressed that energy reductions could be achieved with the proper planning and implementation of efficient technologies that exist today," said Andrew Fanara of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "We encourage companies like Emerson Network Power to share any and all expertise that helps the data center community reduce their energy usage."

Energy efficiency in the data center continues to be a priority, driven by the need for more capacity. A fall 2007 Data Center Users' Group (DCUG(R)) survey, conducted by Emerson, reports 79 percent of IT professionals believe improving the energy efficiency of their company's data center is important. However, only 17 percent of respondents have a documented strategy for reducing energy use.

"Our customers are telling us that efficiency is a top priority, yet at the same time, a difficult concept to measure," said Jack Pouchet, director of energy initiatives for Emerson Network Power. "Emerson Network Power is sharing its Energy Logic approach to help IT and data center managers prioritize their efforts and give them a place to start."

Specific steps of Energy Logic can be found in a new Emerson Network Power white paper called, "Energy Logic: Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption by Creating Savings That Cascade Across Systems," which can be downloaded by clicking on "white papers" at www.liebert.com. Source:By Emerson News

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