Barron Hilton donates 97% of his wealth to charity

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Grandpa Barron Hilton donates 97% of his wealth to charity leaving Paris and others with "less" money. What does the family have to say about Barron Hilton's wealth distribution. By the way we commend Barron for this move.

Barron Hilton (Paris and Nicky's grandfather) has donated 97% of wealth to charity according to the NY Daily News.

That means granddaughter of Barron Hilton Paris Hilton, who once stood to inherit $100 million or more by some accounts, could end up with a measly $5 million or so.

"The whole family will be devastated, particularly [Paris' mom] Kathy," a pal of the clan told the Daily News last night.

"Some of them could be likely to contest the will - it'll be in the courts longer than Anna Nicole Smith versus J. Howard Marshall."

Barron Hilton is worth an estimated $2.3 billion, including the $1.2 billion he made from the sale of the Hilton Hotels and Harrah's casino chains.

All but 3% of the money will go into a charitable trust to benefit the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which was started by his father, the foundation announced yesterday.

The foundation funds clean water in Africa, education for blind children and housing for the mentally ill.

Over $2 billion going charity, wow! Stinks to be the inheritors-to be though. What will Paris and Nicky Hilton do?

BTW Barron Hilton was in the same boat in 1979 when his dad did the same thing and Barron contested the will. The article does not say if he won, but by the looks of mouch money he has now didn't make that much of a difference. - By


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they deserve crap. I'm tired of their antics and being bad role models for the youth.

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I think grandpa Hilton is doing the right thing. You are right they have not been a good role model for the youth.

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