Tab Thacker, Wrestler and Movie Star, Dies at 45

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Tab Thacker was an NCAA Championship Wrestler and Movie Star, who died at a young age at 45.

Tab Thacker, the former NCAA wrestling champion who went on to use his size to earn roles in several Hollywood films, died on Thursday at the age of 45.

While at N.C. State Thacker earned the NCAA wrestling championship in 1984 and collected four ACC titles with the Wolfpack. Thacker was also named All-America three times while in college.

The 6-foot-5 450-pound Tab Thacker went on to appear in several films including “City Heat,” “Wildcats,” two of the “Police Academy” films and “Identity Crisis.”

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Charlotte Observer writes that "Champion wrestler and Raleigh movie actor Tab Thacker died Thursday night, his family reports.

"He was a enormous man at 6-foot-5 and 450 pounds, and once beat the heavyweight champion from Russia in Greco-Roman competition. Thacker was barred from Olympic competition when rules changes judged him too heavy."

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