Meredith Emerson Lost While Hiking in North Georgia Mountains

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Meredith Emerson went on a hike with her black Labrador retriever Tuesday morning, but friends fear she’s lost.

Emerson’s 95 Chevrolet Cavalier was found yesterday, abandoned by the base of Blood Mountain.

Rescue workers searched all day for Meredith Emerson yesterday, but failed to find anything. A Georgia State Patrol helicopter was unfortunately not used due to the high winds and searchers stopped at dark. They plan to continue their search today.

Meredith Emerson’s roommate, Julia Karrenbauer says “She’s an experienced hiker and a blue belt in martial arts. She’s athletic and has a good head on her shoulders. So we’re just hoping for the best.”

A group of about 30 emergency personnel and deputies will be searching a six mile stretch of trails around the southern side of Blairesville today, according to the Union County Fire Department. There have been no signs of foul play. - By Trans World News Release


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Seems like the old man was ready for a few days of hiking, so maybe they ended up going further on the trail. Someone in her physical shape would most likely either had been kidnapped on the trail or her car, or would have a reason to go much further on the trail than she originally expected to. The dog has not been found, so safe to say the dog is with her on the trail still or in the guys mini van. With the backpack he had on I would have expected him to be on a 3-5 day hike at min and not to have gone back to his mini van. I would either be looking for the van (and also see if her car starts in case she needed a ride) or look way further on the trail - like 3 days ahead. Hope they checked the car out, I remember the 2 lost kids that were found a few days later in the trunk. Why can't they find the man? They know who he is. Seems like he is on the trail still and my bet is she is with him or he knows where she is.

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