Some Starbuck's Are Closing in Washington, DC

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The traditionally recession-proof Washington, DC is losing some Starbuck's.

Starbuck's announced that it is eight stores in the Washington, DC area.

Washington, DC has long been considered recession resistant because of the large and ever-growing Federal workforce. And Washington, DC may also be the most hyper-caffeinated city in the world. And despite this, Starbuck's will be making some Washingtonians walk a little farther for a cup of coffee.

One of the Starbuck's that will be closing is in my own neighborhood, Cleveland Park, just a few minutes walk north of the National Zoo. Cleveland Park, an historic, busy, and vibrant neighborhood, has seen several retail stores close their doors recently, including two photo shops. Neighborhood restaurants have been offering substantial discounts to attract customers.

While the Starbuck's located directly across from the National Zoo remains open, many in Cleveland Park are shocked that such a busy coffee shop would close.

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