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Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's Release On Sex Scandal

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Late Wednesday night, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit Michigan isssued a statement to media outlets that reflects Kilpatricks personal difficulties five-six years ago and ask the media to respect his privacy.

"These five- and six-year-old text messages reflect a very difficult period in my personal life. It is profoundly embarrassing to have these extremely private messages now displayed in such a public manner.

"My wife and I worked our way through these intensely personal issues years ago. I would now ask that the public and the media respect the privacy of my wife and children and of Christine Beatty and her children at this deeply painful moment for our families." - Release via

About The Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick - From City of Detroit's official site.

Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick is leading America’s 11th largest city through a dramatic renewal and rebirth in the face of some of the most difficult economic conditions in the United States.

Since taking office as Detroit’s 60th mayor in 2002, Kilpatrick has spurred unprecedented reinvestment in the city’s neighborhoods and downtown while making and implementing a series of difficult decisions to wipe out an inherited deficit and rescue the City from the threat of receivership.

The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) recognized his leadership abilities when it elected him to hold one of the 13 highly coveted USCM Trustee positions and appointed him co-chair of its Task Force on Work and Opportunity.

Kilpatrick brought Detroit’s budget into balance by reducing the City workforce by 25 percent, negotiating unprecedented concessions with City employee unions, sharply reducing overtime, cutting back on outside contracts and transferring operations of some City institutions to non-profit organizations.

At the same time, despite Michigan’s sluggish economy, over the last six years Detroit has experienced its largest economic development boom in five decades. Detroit led the region in new housing starts in 2005 and 2006 while transforming the downtown into a vibrant district that boasts more than 75 renovated structures and 80 new businesses.

Some of the most heralded development projects credited to Kilpatrick’s Administration include:

• Convincing Quicken Loans, the nation’s largest online mortgage lender, to move its headquarters to downtown Detroit

• Successfully closing the deal for the $180-million renovation of the historic Book-Cadillac Hotel after 20 years of failed attempts

• Brokering a revised development agreement with three casinos that has produced more than $1 billion in new investment as they build permanent casinos in Detroit

• Establishing the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and empowering the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation to oversee the $2-billion development of the city’s once industrial heavy riverfront

"The New York Times" Travel Section recognized the city’s tremendous progress when it listed Detroit in December as one of 53 “must-see” destinations around the world for 2008.

Throughout these developments, Mayor Kilpatrick, a native Detroiter who grew up on the city’s west side, has kept a firm focus on the city’s neighborhoods. In his first term, the Kilpatrick Administration paved more streets, renovated more parks, and invested more money in public safety equipment than during any other time in the City’s history

In his second term, he has instituted historic property tax cuts in neighborhoods, began a loan program using casino revenues to assist small neighborhood businesses, and implemented the NEXT Detroit Neighborhood Initiative (NDNI) to address basic quality of life issues such as cleanliness, safety and beautification through growth and development strategies in six targeted neighborhoods.

Detroit received national recognition for its success hosting the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2005, Super Bowl XL in 2006 and the 2006 World Series. Those accolades enticed The IndyCar® Series and American Le Mans Series to add the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix to their schedule every Labor Day weekend through 2011. It also brought the National Association of for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) 98th Annual National Convention. The Kilpatrick Administration also landed the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Regional Finals, 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, and 2010 NCAA Men’s Hockey Frozen Four.

Despite the tremendous amount of progress made in recent years, Mayor Kilpatrick acknowledges there is still much work to be done. He believes the automotive capital of the world must adjust to the monumental changes taking place in the auto industry by preparing the city’s workforce for jobs in healthcare, information technology, and service industries that make up the newest areas of economic growth. Techtown, Bizdom U, and Next Energy, emerging industry incubators that opened in the last six years, are examples of Detroit’s move to diversify its industries.

Prior to his election as mayor in 2001, Kilpatrick made Michigan history as the first African-American and the youngest person elected to lead either party in the Michigan Legislature when he became the leader of the House Democratic Caucus.

Kilpatrick attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science, as well as teacher certification from Florida A&M University, graduating with honors. He was also captain of the football team. He earned his law degree from the Michigan State University College of Law. Prior to his election as a state representative, Kilpatrick was a middle school teacher at Marcus Garvey Academy in Detroit.

Mayor Kilpatrick and his wife Carlita have three sons: 12-year-old twins, Jelani and Jalil, and 6-year-old Jonas. - Via City of Detroit's website


Submitted by Tyrone (not verified) on
So the mayor was caught having an affair "big deal", what is sad is that he most likely destroyed the lives of the police officers for doing their jobs ethically. He lied under oath in court exposing himself and chief of staff to purgery. I would have thaught in law school they would have explained the ramifications of such an act "15 year felony". Although, with political pressure from his mom and aunt charges will never be brought against him. I'm sure if they did, that it is because the whole system is racially tainted. The article states that he reduced the city work force by 25% "teachers, firemen, police", how many could have been brought back for $9M? The city is disgraced again!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am sure the people of the City of Detroit will justify and identify with the actions of Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and love him support him just as they did with Coleman Young. As there is no politial gain in prosecuting Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick and it would be of no benefit to the City of Detroit to have him prosecuted, you can rest assured that Kwame will remain in office. I am sure in a few days there will be backlash articles accusing the media of going to far that they are flaming the fire of defamation against the City of Detroit. Again, rest assured Kwame will survive and be ever stronger and bonded with the City that loves him.

Submitted by Jeanine (not verified) on
The fact that the Mayor had an affair is his own personal private business. But when he and his mistress attempted to take away the livelyhood of others to cover up their lies, they crossed the line. Even if you are a devote supporter of Kwame Kilpatrick you cannot by any means justify his actions. He lost the court case simply because he could not justify firing police officers for doing their jobs. He wants to sell 92 city parks to raise 8.9 million dollars almost equal to the amount he spent covering up his lies. Why should the taxpayers and their children suffer for his affair.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Right. This is all utter BULLSH&T. There is no right to privacy when you are breaking the law (perjury), firing honest civil servants, and using taxpayer dollars to protect you privately. This man has no ethics, no honesty, and no will to tell the truth. What if Dick Cheney or Newt Gingrich gave this type of speech from inside a CHURCH and banned the media? What happened to the separation of Church and State? Why is he allowed to hide behind religion when last week he was sleeping with yet another woman and spending lavishing on their deep-cell couple's massages and $500 bottles of champagne? This man has champagne (or your dime), but no SHAME!

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