Parkland High School Girls in Photo Scandal

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At least 40 students are involved in a photo scandal at Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania where girls are involved in non-decent picture scandal. Police say photos of two high school girls were sent to most of their classmates by cell phone.

The photo of one of the girls is pictured in a sex act while the other is of the girl's bare breasts.

Authorities say they are giving everyone who received the images a chance to delete them, but after the deadline anyone who keeps the photos will be charges with possession of child pornography. District Attorney James B. Martin said a state trooper would be checking student’s cell phones to ensure the images were deleted.

“Most people got it and kept passing it along for fun to everyone in their phonebook,” said 16-year-old Jon Gabriel, a junior at Parkland.

“The school isn’t going to get everybody because it is everybody. I don’t know anybody who didn’t get the pictures,” added 16-year-old Samantha Smith of Parkland High School.

Students also said the photos of Parkland High School girls have been sent to people outside the school.

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