Avalanche Kills TV Star Christopher Allport

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Before you hear it in the inevitably snarkier fashion, let me be among the first to report the death of actor Christopher Allport (pictured above in DEAD AND BURIED) in an avalanche that occurred on Friday at the Mountain High Ski Area in Los Angeles' San Gabriel Mountains.

A busy character actor, Christopher Allport enjoyed an almost 40 year career, from the underrated missing girl drama MAN ON A SWING (1974) to the recently completed GARDEN PARTY (2008). Allport's genre credits include SAVAGE WEEKEND (1979), a memorable small role as a victim in DEAD AND BURIED (1981), in the disturbing nuclear incident TV movie SPECIAL BULLETIN (1983), Tobe Hooper's INVADERS FROM MARS (1986), JACK FROST (1996) and JACK FROST 2: REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMAN (2000).

Christopher Allport also appeared in William Friedkin's TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA (1985) and was a guest on a number of hit TV series, including the "Lazarus" episode of THE X-FILES and as Pete Campbell's father on AMC's critically acclaimed MAD MEN.

Christopher Allport was 60 years old.

Source: By Arbogast On Film Blog

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