Hostess videoed stripping in cockpit during flight

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Investigations have been launched after an air hostess was filmed stripping in a jet cockpit during flight.

The pilot and co-pilot invited the woman into the cockpit during a short-haul European flight headed to the UK and requested she strip for them. However, this was filmed by another member of the French crew and subsequently leaked onto the internet.

The woman, aged in her 20s and sporting a wedding ring, removed her top and bra and allowed the crew to feel her breasts, before raising her skirt to reveal her knickers.

Investigations were launched within several airlines to find those responsible.


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"Hostess videoed striping in cockpit during flight" The word is <strong>stripping</strong> not <strong>striping</strong>. I know that typos can be missed, but I think the poster needs to do a better job of editing the headline. In an unrelated comment, you really need to broaden the left and right page margins. For example, I can not tell if the first numeral of your CAPTCHA "Math Question" is an "8" or a "3", because the left margin is too narrow.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I sent your comment to our webmaster. Any constructive critique to make HULIQ a better site is most welcome. Truly this cockpit incidence is outrageous.

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You are welcome. I also appreciate your response to my constructive criticism. It's been several days since my original comments, but I don't see that your Webmaster has done anything to correct the inadequate left margin. Having been a webmaster myself, I don't think it is a difficult fix.

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