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Hotmail down on east coast

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Users in the Northeast US have been reporting access to Hotmail services have been down for the past hour.

Other Microsoft websites (and e-mail) are reachable but extremely slow, including numerous pages at

Those trying to access via are timing out.

"For several hours now I have received the below faithful screen every time trying to log in to my hotmail account.

It’s kind of strange for a server farm as large as Hotmail to be down like this not to mention twice in one month. Anyone else experiencing this right now?" reports Listen to Taz Rant blog.

The fact that Hotmail is down seems to be wide spread and much longer then the “blip” outages Microsoft usually experiences. I’m starting to see news articles in searches on the topic now as well. I wonder if Microsoft will come out and say what’s happened, continue the writer of the blog.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i wasn't aware that hotmail was down, i've been recieving e-mail notifications on my cell phone but cannot bring up the homepage on my pc... i run a buisness through my e-mail account and cannot respond to any alerts that i get... hotmail is a costly mistake.

Submitted by stewart (not verified) on
down in the uk as well, not sure wether it is linked but seems to co-incide with loads of new adverts being run on RHS of the live page telling me I am a 999,999,999 winner!

Submitted by hotmail user (not verified) on
Hotmail was down yesturday from sometime early in the morning until about 12. Today at about 1230 i began experiencing more problems with the site and am becoming terribly frustrated with MSN. This is starting to make me consider going back to Yahoo which i just know will be a bad idea. Hopefully they can fix whatever the problem is SOON.

Submitted by paul (not verified) on
yes its down here in ireland as well. its becoming the norm.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It's down at the moment here in Egypt as well, it's the first time for me to see hotmail down.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hotmail has been out of service in N.E. Pa. for the last two days. I did everything except do backflips to access my account before I learned where the problem resides. I keep geeting a pop-up saying Microsoft is looking for a solution. Two days and no solution.

Submitted by Wesm on
The mail seemed to be live for me but I as of this morning I have been stuck with a new error code. When I go to my inbox I keep seeing <a href="">error 999</a> instead of my new email.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Been down for awhile...internet search reveals others experiencing same thing

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