Ellen DeGeneres Becomes An Owner of Renowned Halo Pet Food Company

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Expanded Product Line of Halo, Purely For Pets® Available In Stores Nationwide In February 2008

Halo, Purely For Pets® announced today award-winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has become an owner of the twenty-year old all-natural pet care company. The announcement comes at a time when Halo is expanding its product line and retail presence for its entire line of all-natural pet food and pet care products in the U.S. market. The company has expanded distribution with a variety of major retail chains such as Whole Foods and Petco, as well as thousands of independent pet specialty and natural outlets. The expansion is designed to extend Halo’s line-up of all-natural, highest-grade pet food (including its signature brand “Spot’s Stew”) and its holistic pet care products for discerning consumers who wish to provide their pets with wholesome, healthy alternatives that enhance the overall well-being of their animals.

“I can’t tell you how honored I am to be a part of a company that believes in treating your pets as well as you treat yourself,” said DeGeneres. “Everything about Halo is great. I’ve been using all of their products long before I decided to invest in the company. I attribute my shiny coat to their all-natural supplements.”

Continued DeGeneres, “If you love your pets, you only want the very best for them, and this food is the highest quality. And if you forget to go to the grocery store, you can actually split a can with your dog. If you’re going with the lamb, I’d recommend a nice Pinot.”

“This is a defining moment in the history of Halo,” said Halo President Alan Kerzner. “After more than a year of discussions, we’re delighted to have Ellen join our family, especially at this time of exciting growth. We are a company built on the foundation of providing the best possible care to pets and Ellen wholeheartedly shares our beliefs.”

In February, Halo will also introduce its first-ever line-up of dry dog and cat food products with the same high-quality ingredients found in its popular canned food. Halo will expand its signature recipe dog canned food with the introduction of lamb, beef and salmon varieties., The new Halo dry food selections .for dogs, include “Spot’s Stew” Adult Dog and Puppy Formulas.. For cats, Halo will provide dry “Spot’s Stew” in Indoor Cat and Sensitive Stomach cat formulas, as well as new can varieties featuring, salmon, turkey and lamb.

All Halo pet food is made from pure, all-natural ingredients such as butcher quality chicken, eggs, carrots, flaxseed, green peas, barley, sweet potatoes and cranberries. All the recipes have been fortified with vitamins and minerals. There are no artificial ingredients in any of Halo’s products. There are no byproducts, chemical preservatives, fillers, rendered meats, artificial colors or flavors.

Ellen DeGeneres Becomes Part Owner of Halo, Purely For Pets®
Halo Purely For Pets® has an unequaled commitment to natural pet care, beyond its pet food offerings. Additional products include: Liv-a-Littles, healthy whole meat freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats; Vita Glow, a full range of holistic supplements that support great health, strength and vitality; and Cloud Nine, soothing botanical grooming products free from harsh chemicals, coloring and preservatives.

About Halo, Purely For Pets®
For twenty years, Halo, Purely for Pets® has created holistic pet products of uncompromising quality. At Halo, we believe nutrition is the single most important factor in the quality of your pet’s life. With it, good health follows. By staying as close to nature as we can, we have seen phenomenal changes take place in the lives of thousands of pets and the owners who love them.

In 1986, Andi Brown founded Halo, Purely for Pets® after her cat “Spot” was plagued by digestive problems, skin irritations and excessive shedding. Andi soon learned that all of Spot’s symptoms were a direct result of nutrients lacking in his diet. Finding “premium” cat foods seriously lacking, she created a “stew” made from all natural ingredients and Spot was soon cured of his ailments and healthy again.

Since Halo’s inception, the company has been an active advocate helping conscientious pet owners better understand how nutrition plays a role in their pet’s health and vitality. Named for our belief that pets are our little angels, Halo continues to develop innovative and high quality pet products which help pet-owners better love and care for their “extra member of the family.”

Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private equity fund manager with offices in New York and Cos Cob, CT, holds majority ownership in Halo, Purely for Pets. Founded in 1995, Pegasus provides capital to middle market companies across a wide range of industries, and has particular interest in businesses that make a meaningful contribution to society by positively affecting the environment, contributing to sustainability and enabling healthy living. www.pcalp.com

For more information, please visit www.halopets.com.

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Submitted by Sandy (not verified) on
Ellen: I have been to all the pet stores in our area, we do not have a PetCo, and no one carries the Halo brand of cat food. I have an elderly cat, 13 years old, and is losing weight and I wanted to try this brand to see if this will help put weight on him. I live in the Dayton, OH area. Any suggestions of where to purchase this particular cat food. Thank you

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
THIS FOOD IS PURE CRAP QUALITY- stay away from it... Ellen needs to further educate herself into pet food nutrition if she truly cares about what is best nutritionally for pets.

Submitted by Cristina (not verified) on
I am interested to know why you state this food is "pure crap"? I am not trying to argue or contest your statement, I'm just curious if you have any proof to back up this statement? Because, as far as I can see, this food is very high quality compared to most other pet foods on the market. Again, my goal entirely is to provide the best products for my rescue animals as possible; so I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm just trying to get the facts! Thanks!

Submitted by Dorothy Leary (not verified) on
Hi Ellen. Went to Petco to purchase some Halo dry pet food for my Chloe (a cocker spaniel we got from the Humane 2 years ago)but did not purchase any much to my dismay. Chloe unfortunately is very picky and although Halo sounds like a great product I am afraid to pay that much for something she doesn't like. As a senior person have to watch my $ carefully. May I suggest that samples could be made available for two or 3 dollars so that we may try them on our beloved pets first? That way if she liked it I would have no problem feeding it to her all the time. Love ya Ellen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Don't buy this "HALO" pet food! If Ellen DeGeneres thinks it great to own a pet food Co but not a dog "Iggy" I don't think I can buy pet food sorry ellen!! doing it for iggy.

Submitted by Joan M. Kornacki (not verified) on
Hi, Ellen: I hold a patent on a NEW cat food feeding system. I'd love for you to view my graphic designs. PUURRhaps you will feel that this system is PURRfect for your Halo company! I think so!! Just think what a fabulous marketing and sales adventure this can turn into for your company and for me and for all those kitty-kats who love to eat a "little bit of this", and a "little bit of that". I'd love your address so I can send you my packet which will include a copy of my patent and a graphic design layout. PLEASE e-mail me. In reading some of the reviews one woman wished there were samples of the different foods so as her pet can try it. WELL, my patent offers just that! Smaller individually sealed portions of different flavors/selections in one container. Got your interest? Good! Sincerely.....Joan

Submitted by Kerry (not verified) on
I think this product line is fantastic - I just brought it home from Petco and mixed it with my cat's previous food. He went nuts - he loves it. The smaller kibble is perfect for him - he eats too fast and would then throw up - I was happy that there was a sensitive stomach variety. So far so good. As far as it being expensive - I did find it on sale - it comes out to be about $3.00 a pound, which I feel is fair. Hope you all have good luck with it!

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