Armenian Genocide Resolution in US Congress Could Pass Before April 24

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The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), one of the two most influential Armenian lobbying organizations in the USA (the second is the Armenian Assembly of America) said it believes that the recent changes in the U.S. Congress where now Democrats hold the majority, has brought about the best opportunity in years to defeat Turkey's Armenian Genocide denial campaign.

ANCA said its Congressional friends will soon re-introduce the Armenian Genocide Resolution, setting the stage for a nation-wide, four-month grassroots drive to secure its adoption by April 24th.

As a background ANCA cited an Associated Press December 26th, quote of Congressman Adam Schiff as saying that "we have the best chance probably in a decade to get an Armenian Genocide Resolution passed."

It also quoted from The Turkish Daily News, which said on December 21st, that Armenian Americans "will aggressively seek Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide," noting that "the Armenian lobby has never been this strong, and they're aware of it."

ANCA said also speaking on the House floor on December 8. Congressman Pallone announced the re-introduction of the Armenian Genocide Resolution and urged his colleagues to cosponsor this genocide-prevention legislation.

In the last session of Congress, the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.316) had 160 bipartisan cosponsors and was overwhelmingly passed the House International Relations Committee.

Unfortunately, this legislation was blocked by former Speaker Dennis Hastert, who refused to bring this resolution to the House floor for a vote. This coming year, the Speaker is Nancy Pelosi, who has supported Armenian Genocide resolutions for over a decade and has already stated she will continue to support this legislation. -

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