Tevion High Speed DVD Maker Review

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Tevion High Speed DVD Maker comes actually from the European discount chain store Aldi. Tevion is a brand owned by Aldi and the high speed DVD maker comes from it.

What can you do with Tevion high Speed DVD Maker

One can transfer home movies from VHS to DVD at high speed. It allows you to edit videos, add special effects, create home videos, and makes it easy to burn to DVD or e-mail friends.

On Tevion High Speed DVD maker composite and S-video inputs are supported.

Reviewing it shows that you can upgraded ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD2 software features widescreen 16:9 capture capability, music overlay and voice editing.

Tevion DVD Maker comes with 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

The price of Tevion High Speed DVD Maker at Aldi's website is $39.99 each.


Submitted by Traxx (not verified) on

Very nicely put together, for capturing stuff, and the Editor is easy to use [to bad the transitions break-apart the Video!] .. I used it with my Gateway 5432 and only the 320 X 240 viewing screen had the picture. .. Using Virtual Dub, I was able to see and record a larger 640 X 480 Screen. .. The button on top of the USB Capture Device traps pictures very nicely too; to bad no software has ever been made that can Import the image captured. .. I am hoping that someone will encode Linux Drivers for this thing so I can use it on my ASUS Eee PC 700. .. ^_^ .. in all fairness -- I like the concept but would prefer that it gave me the option to actually View what it was seeing: 320 X 240 on a 1920 X 1200 screen just doesn't seem right to me. .. Traxx

Submitted by Linda Smith (not verified) on
where can I get my key code?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
ican not find my key codes for my high speed dvd makers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How do I transfer tape from VCR to Computer XP, so I can make it into a DVD. The options under Philips only gives you one choice and that is not my VCR Model. Can it only be done with certain components.

Submitted by Tom29036 (not verified) on
supplied cable set is same connector ends as i need to plug upIn other words, they are both the same. So do I have to buy and is there a converter cable that I can buy in which enmables me to complete connection?

Submitted by Vicky (not verified) on
I am using my old camcorder to transfer VHS tapes onto my computer so I can burn to DVD. I have no problem with the picture but I get no audio. I am using the audio out and videio out cabe connecters to the Tevio DVD Maker and then to my computer. Any help would be appreciated. I have old VHS of my son who died 18 years ago that I don't want to lose. Thanks.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
iI lost my set up disc which is my driver disc ,is there anyway anyone can help me I dont know what to do i really want to try to use this if i can i appreciate some feed back on this thank you.

Submitted by Stu (not verified) on
Hi there, can you tell me if there is anyway in which I can use my tevion VS-USB2800D to send video from my laptop to my projector using the svideo plug when I plug in my projectors svideo cable, I hope this make sense.

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