University of Leicester focuses on crime!

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The University's contributions to the fight against crime to be highlighted at Celebrate Leicester Day.

This year the University of Leicester celebrates 50 years since it was awarded a Royal Charter and took on university status.

Events throughout the academic year are commemorating the anniversary, but the high spot of the festivities is Celebrate Leicester Day on Saturday 26th April from 10.30am to 4.00pm, when the University opens its doors and invites the public to celebrate with it.

The open day will offer fun for all ages, as well as a more serious look at some of the world-class research that has come from the University – including a range of ways in which its experts have contributed to the fight against crime.

Psychological Profiling – 10.30 hrs

University of Leicester psychologist Dr Julian Boon was featured in a Channel 4 documentary series, “The Real Cracker”. One of a small handful of criminal profilers in the UK he was shown working closely with the police, solving some of the most violent crimes at the time.

At Celebrate Leicester Day visitors to the University can meet Dr Boon and hear all about the reality of psychological profiling. Forget Miss Marple, Silent Witness, Cracker and the host of other psycho-sleuths from the world of fiction. The reality is much more gripping.

What is Murder? - 12.00 noon

Law expert Professor Mark Thompson will pose a few problems:

A terrorist plants a bomb in a pub and phones five minutes before it goes off to give a warning. Five people die in the explosion.

A gangster breaks the shins of a rival with an iron bar. Infection sets in and the victim dies.

Are these instances of murder? Visitors are invited to come along and find out.

Mathematics and Crimes – 15.00 hrs

Mathematics Professor Jeremy Levesley looks at the ways that money can be made in games of chance and also how maths can be used to catch the perpetrators of crime. The notorious MIT Blackjack Team, a group of math geniuses are reported to have won significant amounts of money in Las Vegas.

The manipulation of numbers is behind many crimes and get rich quick ventures.

From Thief Takers to Prison Breakers

At 12.45 and 15.00 crime buffs can test their knowledge in a quiz run by the Department of Criminology or – for those of a more scientific bent – solve a murder using DNA in the world acclaimed Department of Genetics – the centre where Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered genetic fingerprinting.

Source: By University Of Leicester

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