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Poland Museum Presents Holocaust Comics Book

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The International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum is joining a pilot program connected with the comic book The Search, which is intended to familiarize young people with the story of the Holocaust. The comic book is published by the Ann Frank Foundation in Amsterdam.

Erik Heuvel drew the comics using photographs from the Third Reich period as his model. The European experts who had input into the contents and illustrations include Dr. Piotr Trojański and Mirosław Obstarczyk of the Museum.

“Over the next few months, about a thousand pupils from all over Poland will work with the comic book, and they and their teachers will send us their comments,” said Piotr Trojański. The teachers attending the postgraduate course on Totalitarianism, Nazism, and the Holocaust at the ICEAH have already seen the comic book, and some of them, from different parts of Poland, are using it in the classroom. “Our next presentation of the comic book for teachers will take place in Oświęcim on April 19, during a seminar marking Holocaust Remembrance Day. If the pilot project yields positive results, we will consider whether or not to introduce this material in schools next year,” said Trojański.

Similar trials are underway in Hungary and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The Search is already being used in schools in the Netherlands.

“The comic book brings children closer to a difficult subject. Nazism and the Holocaust stop being abstract history. People begin to take these matters very seriously, as something real, which actually occurred, and not so long ago,” said Julia Franz of the Ann Frank Foundation.

The pilot program is one of the many ICEAH offerings for teachers. Not long ago, the Museum published a wide-ranging set of teaching material titled How to Teach about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. --


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Will the comic point out the fact that Ann Frank survived Auschwitz and died of typhus in an SS hospital at Bergen-Belsen?

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