Earth's Mysteries Revealed

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Volcanoes and Pterodactyls are among the fare at the University of Leicester’s 50th anniversary party, Celebrate Leicester Day, on Saturday 26th April.

Introducing his talk ‘Large Explosive Volcanic Eruptions’, geologist Dr Mike Branney says: “Cataclysmic explosions from eruptions are business as usual for Planet Earth. Yet they can devastate regions as large as England overnight.”

His lecture will recall some recent eruptions and the attempts of scientists to understand how they work. (10.30am, Rattray Lecture Theatre).

In ‘Pterodactyls – Dragons of the Air’, Dr Dave Unwin will focus on the latest scientific discoveries about pterosaurs, covering their ‘clever wings’, likely lifestyles and how some pterosaurs grew up to be giants the size of small aeroplanes.

Dr Unwin’s talk will make use of real specimens and hands-on items, as well as a life size outline of a giant pterosaur. (11.15am, Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1).

Celebrate Leicester Day is an action-packed day of fun and discovery for all the family. The University of Leicester is internationally renowned for its pioneering research and many of its experts will be on hand to talk about their discoveries.

Source: By University Of Leicester

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