Pastor of Atlah James David Manning Insults Obama, His Congregation

James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah Worldwide calls Barack Obama dirty names while insulting his own congregation for supporting Obama.

Have you all heard of "Pastor" James David Manning? You can find him on YouTube. He’s a joke and consequently, his JUNK gets posted often.

You need to listen to this clip of this false minister called pastor James David Manning as he calls Obama all types of dirty names and insults Obama for having a white mother. Pastor Manning then insults his own congregation for supporting Obama, calling them “maggots” and “despicable”. I was amused to hear this raging flake claim that Bill Clinton has “done so much” for blacks folks.

In short, this false pastor of Atlah Worldwide James David Manning is delusional and his followers are out of their minds to sit there in that church and tolerate the racism and bashing that he subjects them to.

Source: By HickTown Press

Here is Pastor Manning's speech


Submitted by hlg (not verified) on
come on , james we got 220 days yet bring evidence and yes if examined all true , yes obama is trashed it is that simple

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For all of the emotion coming from Pastor Manning's lips, everything he said was factually true, albeit personal. He actually spared Sen. Obama more humiliation by not discussing more important subjects. He never spoke about Obama's connection to openly racist Minister Jeremiah Wright, or to an indicted real estate scammer Tony Rezko, or his endorsement by Lewis Farrakhan and The New Black Panther Party or his intimate association with a former fugitive bomber from The Weather Underground. For a Post-Racial candidate whose entire platform is predicated on being race-neutral and uniting, it is troubling that he exhibits stunningly poor judgement by surrounding himself with - and refusing to dis-associate himself from - bigoted, xenophobic nationalists who preach Black Liberation Theology, which is unquestionably separatist. Now we hear that his Passport records were breached. What motivated this intrusion? Why is the State Department - hardly a conservative wing of government - interested in knowing where Obama travelled abroad? What is Obama suspected of? What is Obama hiding now? Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Submitted by M>C>P (not verified) on
Why does a blackman have to play the role of the undertaker? IT seems to me that Manning suffers from the Willie Lynch syndrome. The focus is to get negative influential peopl such as him out of community and out of the public eye period point blank!

Submitted by Felicia (not verified) on
Everything this crazy man says is against the word of God. God is a God of love, not hatred, racism, or confusion. The bible speaks of men like Manning in the last days, if what these so called pastors say does not coincide with what the word of God says, you need to leave his church and find another one. Those who stay in his church will be lead straight to hell. I'm not saying this because he's not an Obama supporter, because this is America, and we all have a right to support who we want to. But this man is mean spirited and hateful, not only to Barack Obama, but also to his congregation. We all will be judged in the end and those who follow these false prophets will be judged also, that is why we all need to know God and His word for ourselves, so that we won't be fooled by these helpers of satan. Please leave this church before it's to late.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Whatever you tell us to do. Oh wise one, should we leave Reverand Write's church also? Give me a sign.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have too agree with Manning about the fact that Obama's mother is white and his father is an in HEAT AFRICAN!!! ATLEAST WAS AN IN HEAT AFRICAN. OBAMA DO NOT HAVE SLAVE BLOOD IN HIM.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Manning is telling it as it is. Truth hurts. If you look around you what Obama and his handlers are doing in the name of religion and 'their' god, it astonishing how people like you react to what Manning is saying just because you differ from him. There are something called ALTERNATIVE THINKING.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The video that I JUST watch was very disturbiing and embarrassing . How come we as African Americans(Black) always try to tear each other down instead of helping to build each other up.God says love one another as you would yourselves. I can't understand how he can stand there in the eye of our lord and teach hatred,racism and confusion. It is not our jobs as humans to judge people that's Gods job and the way he degrades Obama and his congregation I am humiliated for them ,if they don't have the common sense to be for themselves. God help them and that preacher. I am very proud to see that we have an African American man running for President. By the grace of God, he will be an asset to this country because he knows what the people want and need, and I'm not just talking about the African Americans, I'M TALKING ABOUT ALL AMERICANS.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can't believe we have people like you preaching anything. You are a total embarassment to society. What you need to do is sit down and read the bible, open your heart to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You people(Obama supporters)just can't take sound, timely preaching from a real(not perfect)Man of God preaching present day, pertinent truth. Just wait till the rug gets pulled out from under Obama for his lack of US citizenship if he wins. Whats you gonna do then. You big babies go try rioting cause we don't need the police to protect us from you Obamathugs.....we are plenty armed and we as the citizenry will take you all out ourselves. No matter what Obama loses and so do you!!!!

Submitted by Man Of Strength (not verified) on
I have watched with disgust, a few of mannings videos and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is delusional and totally wrong for saying what he has said. I have been in churches under black preachers most of my life, Ive even listened to some white preachers preach. Never in my religious experience have I heard such hateful words come from a preacher. I cannot and will not call him a man of God because he is far from that. His so called truths need to be put out on public display on national televison as he claims he would do if someone can prove him wrong. Put the so called signed documented truths he has on public disply since he is so confident he is right. But he wont because he is a Coward and he is wrong for disrespecrting Obamas deceased mother and father and him. I have no problem with him not liking Obama if that is what he chooses to do, but to say these hateful things about him and his family is just plain and simply evil and hateful. Anyone who is still sitting in his church after that needs to check and see if they have a heart because to sit back and support this type of so called preaching means they agree with it and that is truly scary.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Sorry folks, God is also a god of judgement. He is telling people Obama does not stand for God's laws. Aparently you all do not either because you think like Obama that a woman can choose to kill God's workmanship and not be judged. You cannot go around having sex without responsibility (he gave the statistic)and kill your children and not face judgment.You do not get it, Obama put free sex in front of people, with Heidi Fleis on his video. Did you not see her face? He's telling you you can use women and kill babies. "It's a woman's choice." Is that loving? Prophets never are nice guys. Better wake up, the Lord is coming to judge before he reigns. He is loving or we'd all be gone already. Pastor is telling you to wake up, and not to vote for a man who defys God.

Submitted by Philip Adair (not verified) on
I have watched as many of Pastor Manning's messages as I could. Not once did he quote a verse from the Bible. Not once did he talk about God's Love. All of his messages are based on Hate. All he does is deride black men and black people... He must hate himself. Where is the Love? and if God is Love, where is God? No where to be found in this man's messages. Regardless of what you think about Obama, James Manning is a terrible man with no love in his heart, and no one should follow him.

Submitted by VanPastorMan (not verified) on
to say it. Free speech is important because what happens if someone in power doesn't like what you say? We can disagree, even hate the man's speech, but we should fight to the death to defend his right to say it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
felecia needs to read her bible. Yes God is a God of love but he is a God of righteous indignation also. Read Obadiah, Malachi. Jacob he loved and Esau he hated. Now I know there will be those who will explain that away. I would guess that felicia does not believe in hell either. The only way to experience the love of God is in Christ the rest will experience his wrath and punishment and if wrath and punishment is love then Houston we have a problem

Submitted by John, Noblesvil... (not verified) on
I've lived in four African nations, been with black preachers, white, Latino's, Filipinos, Mexican, so know one can take a racist position with me. I'm white, but yet how can that nullify my eyesight, how can that make me blind? I'm white so I can't posibily see truth about blacks, Mexicans, Whites ect? What's the essence of the point here? Is he mean spirited and hateful here? What's the "Great Apostacy", are we in the death-throws of it, is this the hour and beginning of what even Daniel spoke of so clearly, the day of the Lord? Was this man in the office we speak of a man who's got no citizenship in the first place? "When they say peace peace you know the end is near". Wasn't that 1990-91 people 20-22 years ago? Haven't the war machines kept right on building that are pointed at America? And the fake fall of that empire that caused the cold war since the "Duma" killed Nicholas his wife and children in cold blood in wee hours of the 20th century still building against us? Most can't endure sound doctrine because they've never been instructed by apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, true shepherds and pastors. And most are fools, blind fools who follow blind guides and are sure the five fold ministry was done away with just about 1979 years ago when Jesus ascended, so why should we listen to them? Hard preaching was GOOD when I was a little bastard, raised by my mother who is sure she has God when she really has spirit guides/demons that teach her daily. Hard rebukes are for those that can endure sound doctrine. Most will not, they will and have heaped teachers to there ears already since about 1974-7 when the last world effecting revival hit "The Jesus people who ALL were post trib but then all went Pre-trib as apostates do. If his preaching is hard then you dont want to meet me or the Black, White, Filipino, Mexican, Nigerian, Indian=India, American Indians I've been with, these all as well as I will slice you worse than Jesus or Paul, because we won't back down from your lukewarm hearts, and we stand in truth and agreement on these very elementary matters, and stand before your very faces. When I was a young man not understanding these foundational things God put strong leaders in my life, they were what most out there would call harsh, but most Loved me, some didn't however, but those that did could see my plight, and did speak out of Love. His message, Brother Manning, is forceful for most of you. But then why exactly did they try to kill Paul, Jesus, and all the others, Paul was not a sweet man, modern teachers and preachers have made him sweet. Was John The Baptist a tender sweet man with a Gentle message in his mouth? Brother Manning's is so forceful, so direct, so painfully accurate, so devistating to darkness and lies that the enemy will do all to silence it. I've never heard one mouth say all this, one man, only one. When this happens it's usually so much truth, so radical, so concentrated that most can't and will refuse to deal with it, rather they'll seek out things that can nullify the voice, as they need to protect there flesh from change, REAL CHANGE, repentance. Most that want a black man to get God only want a Tony Dungy, yap that's right, very genteel, soft spoken, and if Tony did do it like Mike Ditka you'd be saying he's just another hard core angry Black man!, like Singletary did for a year with S.F. Foundationally you can't receive it because its truth from an angle you aren't prepared for in your religious hearts and minds. This is not anonymous, I don't need to hide like all these others, I'm John from Noblesville indiana, call me, talk to me, 317-681-3650, cel 24-7, I'm real, and so is my brother Mr.Manning far more of a man then another Manning that so many worship. Peyton Manning. Let's get it out in the open what you all teach and believe, what is America for, what is God saying in this hour to the world, and to His people? Let's talk face to face. I'll come to your town like Paul did, like Jesus did, come on let's get the REAL TRUTH OUT IN THE OPEN. Truth will make you shutter, some of you many very well mess on themselves, right in the midst of your ecclesiastical gatherings. C.L. Bryant will agree, Bill Cosby will agree, Thomas Sowell will agree, and the list of real Christian men and women of all races will agree. Do you NOT know that God puts things in mysteries to protect you from accountability, from the responsibility of knowing and turning from "The Light". So if these things a hard for you then maybe God is protecting you young ones from having to judge you harder than He wishes to. He is the same yesterday today and for ever, PERIOD. He isn't coming as a Lamby, a lame little lamby, He shed His blood for you. As He did this as he was still a Lion, the Lion of the tribe of judah! The chief of His brother's, the leading tribe, and The Lion there of, and still laying it all down for you! Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem how I would have gathered you as a mother hen gathers her chicks, BUT YOU WOULD NOT!!!!!! And now roughly 1979 years latter I've raised up a man crying in the spiritual wilderness, of a color that may please your senses, may delight your inclinations, but you receive HIM NOT!. This is proof you are in the death-throws of JUDGEMENT! He has no words of profanity, not curse words per say, yet you deal with his words as a youth. You deal with him as you delt with a man who proved the signs and wonders of heaven, who in demonstration and Power showed you The Kingdom, but you murdered him as well. William Marion Branham was accurate in all things early in his ministry. All who were there have written of the humility, of his purity, honesty, simplicity. He was a man who didn't mix words, was clean and pure, but you Americans have murdered him as well. His early ministry was impeccable. He was without falt. He then, AND ONLY THEN WENT INTO ERROR! Yet you America have acted as if he was always the man you've portrayed him as. Men struggle with anointings, have error, rebel, do foolish things when the body isn't there to protect them, to come along side of them and correct them privately. But you America want to murder freely. Warnings are now on the horizon, you will not heed, you will not seek your God, the God of our fathers, so God will deal now with your rebellion.