Pastor of Atlah James David Manning Insults Obama, His Congregation

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James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah Worldwide calls Barack Obama dirty names while insulting his own congregation for supporting Obama.

Have you all heard of "Pastor" James David Manning? You can find him on YouTube. He’s a joke and consequently, his JUNK gets posted often.

You need to listen to this clip of this false minister called pastor James David Manning as he calls Obama all types of dirty names and insults Obama for having a white mother. Pastor Manning then insults his own congregation for supporting Obama, calling them “maggots” and “despicable”. I was amused to hear this raging flake claim that Bill Clinton has “done so much” for blacks folks.

In short, this false pastor of Atlah Worldwide James David Manning is delusional and his followers are out of their minds to sit there in that church and tolerate the racism and bashing that he subjects them to.

Source: By HickTown Press

Here is Pastor Manning's speech


Submitted by hlg (not verified) on
come on , james we got 220 days yet bring evidence and yes if examined all true , yes obama is trashed it is that simple

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For all of the emotion coming from Pastor Manning's lips, everything he said was factually true, albeit personal. He actually spared Sen. Obama more humiliation by not discussing more important subjects. He never spoke about Obama's connection to openly racist Minister Jeremiah Wright, or to an indicted real estate scammer Tony Rezko, or his endorsement by Lewis Farrakhan and The New Black Panther Party or his intimate association with a former fugitive bomber from The Weather Underground. For a Post-Racial candidate whose entire platform is predicated on being race-neutral and uniting, it is troubling that he exhibits stunningly poor judgement by surrounding himself with - and refusing to dis-associate himself from - bigoted, xenophobic nationalists who preach Black Liberation Theology, which is unquestionably separatist. Now we hear that his Passport records were breached. What motivated this intrusion? Why is the State Department - hardly a conservative wing of government - interested in knowing where Obama travelled abroad? What is Obama suspected of? What is Obama hiding now? Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Submitted by M>C>P (not verified) on
Why does a blackman have to play the role of the undertaker? IT seems to me that Manning suffers from the Willie Lynch syndrome. The focus is to get negative influential peopl such as him out of community and out of the public eye period point blank!

Submitted by Felicia (not verified) on
Everything this crazy man says is against the word of God. God is a God of love, not hatred, racism, or confusion. The bible speaks of men like Manning in the last days, if what these so called pastors say does not coincide with what the word of God says, you need to leave his church and find another one. Those who stay in his church will be lead straight to hell. I'm not saying this because he's not an Obama supporter, because this is America, and we all have a right to support who we want to. But this man is mean spirited and hateful, not only to Barack Obama, but also to his congregation. We all will be judged in the end and those who follow these false prophets will be judged also, that is why we all need to know God and His word for ourselves, so that we won't be fooled by these helpers of satan. Please leave this church before it's to late.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Whatever you tell us to do. Oh wise one, should we leave Reverand Write's church also? Give me a sign.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have too agree with Manning about the fact that Obama's mother is white and his father is an in HEAT AFRICAN!!! ATLEAST WAS AN IN HEAT AFRICAN. OBAMA DO NOT HAVE SLAVE BLOOD IN HIM.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Manning is telling it as it is. Truth hurts. If you look around you what Obama and his handlers are doing in the name of religion and 'their' god, it astonishing how people like you react to what Manning is saying just because you differ from him. There are something called ALTERNATIVE THINKING.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The video that I JUST watch was very disturbiing and embarrassing . How come we as African Americans(Black) always try to tear each other down instead of helping to build each other up.God says love one another as you would yourselves. I can't understand how he can stand there in the eye of our lord and teach hatred,racism and confusion. It is not our jobs as humans to judge people that's Gods job and the way he degrades Obama and his congregation I am humiliated for them ,if they don't have the common sense to be for themselves. God help them and that preacher. I am very proud to see that we have an African American man running for President. By the grace of God, he will be an asset to this country because he knows what the people want and need, and I'm not just talking about the African Americans, I'M TALKING ABOUT ALL AMERICANS.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can't believe we have people like you preaching anything. You are a total embarassment to society. What you need to do is sit down and read the bible, open your heart to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.


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