Awards for Leicester University Medical Students

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Two medical students from the University of Leicester have received awards at the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) Youth Awards 2008.

Yaqub Dadhiwala and Qashif Anwar were joint winners in the Education Awards section.

They received the awards for exceptional achievement in both University and Islamic education.

Third-year medical student Yaqub commented: “It is a true honour to be recognised for your achievement and to be told you are a role model for the younger generation. Hopefully, what I and others are achieving will show the younger Muslim generation that education is the key to success”.

Qashif, also a third year student and British Medical Association Representative for the medical school was delighted to have received this recognition. He commented “I am very privileged and honoured to be receiving this award and I am thankful for FMO for acknowledging the achievements of exceptional young people of Leicester”.

Alongside his studies, Qashif has showed his commitment to the Leicester community by taking part in various voluntary work schemes.

Among other things the FMO Youth Awards were set up to acknowledge the achievements of ‘exceptional young people of Leicestershire…as an example to all of us of the dedication and hard work that we must all commit to in order to have a cohesive and stable society.’

In celebrating the successes of all the young award winners, the FMO was also celebrating positive achievements from the Muslim community, often missed or ignored by a media preoccupied with more negative stories.

Abdulkarim Gheewala, Chairman of the Federation, said: “In the current environment of all round negativism, this was an opportunity to refocus attention on achievements and contributions that our young people are making. There is so much to celebrate to induce the positive thinking. This event is a start in that direction. The response of the young people was tremendous and the large presence of young people of both genders and a range of abilities is a testimony to that.

“Undoubtedly, those who have picked up awards will be positive role models for many. From my informal chats with many young people during the evening, I could see the real enthusiasm and impact that this particular event has made.

“We particularly feel reassured and encouraged by the support we have received from the wider Leicester community. The large presence of different sections of the Leicester community and many civic dignitaries sent out a clear message of unity and harmony that we always talk about. We felt that we are not left on our own to face the challenges we are facing.”

Sir Peter Soulsby, MP, added: “The Muslim Community in Leicester and Leicestershire has so much to be proud of and I am absolutely delighted that these awards will begin to pick out and commemorate what is being done by young people in particular. But above all else my congratulations to the FMO for this excellent initiative and, particularly, my congratulations to the well-deserved award winners.”

Source: By University Of Leicester

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