An Unhappy Danica Patrick Over Weight

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IRL racing star Danica Patrick is an unhappy race car driver. IRL officials are considering a weight restriction for all their drivers. No, they're not concerned about too much weight. Instead, they're concerned about too little weight, which is what worries Danica Patrick to some degree.

It's been long argued by some drivers that Patrick has an advantage because at times she weighs in at less than 100 pounds. Some say that gives her an advantage because she can go faster, since she weighs less than most drivers in the series. While that seems plausible, lets stop for a moment and realize she has yet to win a race.

Obviously Danica Patrick's weight is not an issue making her drive faster. Of course Danica feels this is nothing more than a case of the Indy Racing League making it more difficult for her to compete in the IRL series.

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Maybe stories like these are why the IRL is losing audiences (and drivers) to NASCAR.

Danica Patrick told USA Today that she asked IRL honchos for a reason for the change. “They didn’t really have one,” she said.

I guess it wouldn’t exactly have been smart for her to just call a lug a lug. But I will. It’s stupid, and it sounds like good’ ole hateration.

There was buzz in IRL garages about Danica’s slight size providing her with some unfair advantage almost since the moment she burst onto the scene - and we do mean burst! - three years ago by becoming only the fourth woman to qualify for the Indy 500, the first to actually lead the race and finishing fourth, the best showing ever by a woman. Danica even admits that in a sport where less weight can mean higher speeds, being light offers a slight edge.

In 2005, rival teams were outed in an AP story, saying Danica might gain as much as 1 mph due to her size.

Whatever. If it was that much an advantage, why has Danica not won a single race in 47 tries?

It might be fair to call Danica, one of the highest-earning female athletes on the planet; the Anna Kournikova of the grease set since her results have not yet lived up to the hype. But it’s pretty hard not to think this rule change was just the sad result of the constant whining by her competitors.

The IRL took great pains to prevent us from calling this the “Danica Rule.” Circuit spokesman John Griffin said the new rule would lessen the disparity between the lightest and heaviest drivers, which can be as much 100 pounds.

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