Commissioner is Reviewing Plaxico Burress Incidents

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On November 29th, 2008, New York Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in a nightclub. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has held a hard line stance for disciplining trouble players in recent years.

Plaxico Burress was sorrily missed for in the Giants offense

The New York Giants were off to a terrific start in '08, coming off of their championship season. With a 10-1 record to start the year it looked as if they were primed for a repeat.

But all this changed when Burriss shot himself in the leg at the end of November. This unfortunate story wound up leave the Giants with no respectable receiver for defenses to pay attention too.

Because of this New York wound up going 2-3 to finish the regular season. Then had an early exit in their first contest in the playoffs against the Eagles.

Giants release Burress

Early in the off-season, the Giants decided to part ways with their former star receiver. It was only a year before this release, that Plaxico grasped the game winning touchdown, to beat the (at that point) undefeated New England Patriots, in the Super Bowl.

With this release, Burriss was left to focus on his up coming court case for his gun incident.

Plaxico looks for a new team as case is postponed

On June 15th Plaxico's court case was postponed until September 23rd.

With this delay Burress has now been in contact with several teams around the league. His value to an NFL team is still very strong because of his ability to stretch the field. He is also a big target down inside the red zone for any quarterback to find for touchdowns.

The Commissioner informs Burress that his is incidents are under review

Today commissioner Goodell has begun the process of reviewing Plaxico's case.

Before Burress can play games for any new team that may desire his services, he will probably have to see what discipline (if any) will be handed down from above.

Roger Goodell handed down strong disciplinary actions, since taking over as commissioner a few seasons ago. The main reason for this was because most NFL players were tired of the few "trouble makers" making a bad name for the league. They wanted something done about guys like Adam "Paceman" Jones and situations like that of Plaxico's.

While it is unknown what the punishment could be, one has to believe Burress will have to wait awhile before he is allowed to play again.

Written By: Sean E. Douglas

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