Wal-Mart Refunds HD-DVD Players Bought On or After Nov. 1

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Wal-Mart isn't the first to offer some sort of exchange or extended return policy for HD-DVD losers, er, buyers, but they're being pretty generous with this offer. Then again, the world's largest retailer can afford to be - and they could sure use some good PR.

Wal-Mart has announced that they will allow returns of HD-DVD players purchased as far back as last November 1st. You don't even need the original packaging (who's going to have it, anyway), but you will need a receipt. Let's hope, therefore, you didn't get your player as a gift (don't forget you can still use it as an upscaling DVD player, however, even if you are still "stuck" with it).

You only have until 4/30 to make the return, though that's still over 3 weeks away.

The "deal" was originally posted on SlickDeals.net and confirmed by the WSJ ... I also found a local store manager that confirmed the deal as well.

Not a bad gesture by Wal-Mart. Does this mean I have to start being nice to them? I don't think so.

Source: Tech Ex

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