Stonehenge England is 3,500 Years Younger than Armenian Karahunj

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Tourists familiar with Scottish heritage would be astonished to discover the possibility of famous Stonehenge been originated in Armenia, claiming the fact that the Armenian land is the real cradle of civilization.

Famous professor and world’s known specialist on stone monuments Gerald. S. Hawkins had acknowledged that Karahunj is 7,500 years old, which means that it is 3,500 years older than Scotland Stonehenge, older than Karnak in France and Newgrenge in Ireland. It may prove what some people already suspect that Armenia is the cradle of the civilization.

On the territory of 7 hectares, 223 huge vertical stones like soldiers stand on the hill, some with holes pierced in them. The rough- cut stones aligned irregularly for a purpose, 84 were found to have holes. Many unique astronomic instruments consisting of one, two or three Stones were identified and using these, many observations of the Sun, Moon and stars. It is commonly assumed to be an early observatory, the evidence of ancient astronomical culture in Armenia. These stones have been attributed with mystical and cosmic powers. The Armenian scientists in ancient times could accurately measure latitude, knew that the Earth was ball-shaped, had an accurate calendar, and many more.

The sight is beautiful and ancient, well worth the visit. Astronomers from Europe and the US are showing increasing interest in the complex, and several expeditions have already taken place. To compare Armenian Karahunj with Scottish Stonehenge visit for its unique images. For experience you can take guided tours to the ancient sophisticated observatory of Karahunj with 7Days... Armenian Travel Company. Multi-language guides will describe and explain the mystical meanings of the Armenian Zorats Karer, the oldest observatory of the world.

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Stonehenge in England could be and probably is far older than th orthodox dating, the site was re-constructed and renovated substantially in the 1920'a using concrete to reset many of the fallen stones, so how can modern dating techniques be accurate?? the site has been disturbed and contaminated over the years.

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