Software for iPhone - Visual pattern recognition and search engine application

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Another great software application is brought to the iPhone by Evolution Robotics. It’s a visual search engine which is built with ViPR or visual pattern recognition technology.

This application allows you to use the camera of your iPhone to take photo of an object, for example a book, DVD or CD cover etc. The photo will be then be transmitted to the ViPR server via email to perform pattern recognition. An email will then be returned with the information of the product.

The application relies on the ViPR pattern recognition technology, which is the core technology that makes gadgets with comparatively lower computing power to have the ability to detect and recognize complex visual patterns. The percentage of inaccuracy of this pattern recognition technology is minimal. Object can be recognized even though it’s partially captured, captured at different position or captured at a distance etc.

Evolution Robotics has released a video clip on Youtube. The video shows how the iPhone is used to capture a photo of the DVD cover for Finding Nemo, and it was returned with information including the description, the Youtube link and the iTunes music store link. The video shows that Evolution Robotics are planning to release this cool application for the iPhone in June this year. Article brought to you via

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